5 Things to Do Before General Conference

General Conference is a month away. I'm looking forward to the uplifting messages to continue to prepare myself spiritually. General Conference is also a great time to start thinking about how we are prepared for natural emergencies. General Conference is a great time to reevaluate where you are when it comes to emergencies. Two times a year you are making sure everything is order. It gives you time to follow up on your plan and access again. Plus if you forget, chances are something said in General Conference will remind you. Here are 5 things to do before General Conference:

1. Study the Last Session

A great way to be prepared for the next General Conference is to be aware of what the Prophets and other leaders of the church have already taught us. Count how many talks there are and read one a day before General Conference hits (it should take you less than 2 months if you read everything). Or break out my General Conference Dinner Discussions and discuss them each night at the family dinner table- it's free when you subscribe to my weekly newsletter with new ones every 6 months. 

2. Inventory 

What do you already have? As of right now how long can you survive if there was a natural disaster? Honestly go through your pantry, cupboard, and if you have one, your emergency supplies. What are you low on? What needs to be rotated? What needs to be updated? What are you really never going to use again? Write it all down. It's a great Family Home Evening Activity. 

3. Write Questions

If you really want to get the most out of General Conference, write questions down- don't just say them in your head; write them down. As you read the last General Conference maybe some of your questions will be answered already. If not, they will be during this General Conference if you are prepared to listen. Put them at the top of your General Conference notebook so you can write the answers as you receive them.

4. Restock and Plan

I'm a huge fan of stocking up if it's on sale and I have a coupon...as long as we will eat it. Check the sales and coupons between now and General Conference and slowly restock. I get a lot of my coupons from Coupons.com. During your inventory did you come across things that you really will never use? See if you can trade it with your friends for things that you will. If you don't have a year's supply of food per person, make a reasonable goal to get there. Start with just a week or day at a time but make a plan and get there. Good & Ready is another great site to help you plan for an emergency.

5. 72 Hour Kits

One of the most important things to have is a 72 hour kit- something you can quickly grab and go if needed. That means you need it in an easy to reach spot too. We have ours in our front closet. Living in Colorado Springs we have had our share of scares with fires and floods. Make a habit of going through your kits every General Conference. Check your food, see if you need updated supplies, and if you need more (did you have baby?). Each person in our family has a backpack they can carry. My 2 year old's bag is obviously smaller and lighter than my 9 year old's but everyone has one and helps out. Misty Marsh has a great 72 Hour Kit guide book to help you build yours without all the headache. She has also the Grab and Go Binder printables that really help keep you organized and prepared.