Family Home Evening Treats: Fun with Chex Mix

Thanks for bearing with me as I skipped a couple of weeks due to illness and Back to School craziness. This week I'm sharing some great Chex Mix fun for a Family Home Evening Treat. Chex Mix is great because:

  • Even little kids can help make it
  • You can easily tie it into a lesson by making each ingredient something that we need
  • So many different ways to make it- savory or sweet
  • Easy to make in large quantities
  • Easy to make gluten-free, diary free or to other special needs

My all time favorite Chex Mix is plain old Muddy Buddies. We have to use Sunbutter instead of peanut due to allergies and it still tastes great. The only thing I don't like about it is it is messssy. What's your favorite recipe? 

Check out my new Chex Mix Pinterest Board for some great ideas like Thin Mint or Whopper Chex Mix. Yum! I'm picky when it comes to the savory ones. Which recipe would you recommend? 

Want to make some Chex Mix tonight? If you have a Target nearby, you can grab 5 General Mill Cereals and get a $5 Target Gift Card back. Combine that with coupons from your newspaper and you can get a great deal. 

Don't have time to make Chex Mix? A lot of stores have them on sale right now with Back to School season. 

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