5 Family Fun Activity Ideas for Pioneer Day

It's Pioneer Day again! Does your ward do anything to celebrate? It depends on the year where I live so I decided to make our own family fun Pioneer Day activities. The best part? I'm sharing it all with you.


This page includes 5 great activities for your family to enjoy but yes, it also works great for ward parties if you happen to be in charge of that too. Pick one or two or do them all. Either way, enjoy your Pioneer Day!

Pioneer Day Banner

Start the celebration off right with some Pioneer themed decorations like this fun free Happy Pioneer Day! banner. Put it up in your living room or in the pavilion at the park for your ward Pioneer Day party. It matches all the printables in my Be Like a Pioneer Family Fun Packet too! 

Turn the banner into a game! You can hide the pieces around the house and have your children discover them as you string them together or come up with adjective for each letter describing the pioneers. Get some ancestor photos to add to the banner too!

Then put your Pioneer bonnets and costumes for a fun filled day.

Find A Pioneer Game

This is a fun game to play on Pioneer Day! Set up the pieces in a grid formation and try to uncover the 5 pioneers. Play parents against children and keep a running total of how many pioneers each team found. You can even play this more like Battleship where you have two people playing against each other. Each person tries to find the other's pioneers first. In the my Pioneer version though, you lay each grid out and turn over the pieces as you go so each player can see both boards. 

Pioneer Word Search

Do an individual challenge with this Pioneer Word Search. Discover all 20 words then discuss what all these words have to do with the pioneers. Bonus- cut the words into strips instead and play charades or pictionary. 

Pioneer Coloring Pages and Posters

Get out the scented markers and have some coloring fun! Then hang your pictures for extra decorations. You could also cut these coloring pages into puzzle pieces and go on another scavenger hunt or try one of these other coloring page ideas. 

Then sing, "Come, Come Ye Saints" or listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform it and talk about what "Fresh courage take" means to your family. Hang one of my free posters up in your home to remember.

Be Like a Pioneer Day Family Fun Day Packet

Take the fun to the next level with this Pioneer Family Fun Day Packet. With 7 sections full of activities, you are bound for some fun. Discover instructions, ideas, plenty of printables, and more to help your family or ward have a fun filled day. In fact, there are so many activities, it'll help you stay busy for days. Learn to cook bread over the fire, play Fox and Geese, make tin lanterns, and go star gazing, pass out Pioneer themed wrapped candy. There are even ribbons to make for some friendly competitions. Seriously, don't miss this.