10 Great Latter-day Saint Games for Family Home Evening

It's Family Home Evening again and you are tired of playing the SAME game every week. Face it, your family is in a rut- big time. Shake things up and put the fun back into FHE with these 10 fun Latter-day Saint games. 


Family Feud

Enjoy some great family fun with a classic game of Family Feud. Kandy Kreations has done all the research, all you have to do is print the answers and divide into two teams. It's a great way to see what your family really knows and what your next few lesson might need to focus on.

Latter-day Saint Wowizers! 

Using five dice, see how many points you can score in three rolls (similar to Yahtzee). Watch out for the Gadianton Robber though as he takes away points! Incorporate Latter-day Saint Wowizers! into your lesson by talking about how to rid your family of Gadianton Robbers or things that steal your happiness. You can also talk about ways to defend your family from these wicked influences and the best way to fight back (through sharing the gospel, keeping the commandments, etc). Includes a Junior version as well.

LDS Scattergories

LDS Scattergories gets more fun the older you are but about 10 years old seems to be a good place to start. You need enough knowledge of the gospel and spelling in order to make this game work. You can easily tie in gospel topics such as pondering, keeping the commandments, choosing the right, or how important gaining knowledge in this life is. 

Mystery Words for Latter-day Saints

Can you guess the words? Latter-day Saint Mystery Words is a great game to play with your family. Use them to teach about parables, teach why the Lord uses repetition, teach why we should read our scriptures often, or introduce gospel principles. Have fun with these 50 Latter-day Saint themed cards or try out these other fun words for free.

What Am I?

What Am I is similar to Hedbanz. It's easy to play with various sized groups and it's lots of fun. Tie this game into a great lesson by talking about how asking questions is a great thing. It’s how we learn more. Joseph Smith asked a question and received the First Vision. You can then focus on asking the right type of questions or how to seek the answers. In order to find the right answers, you need to consult the right sources. If you have a math questions, look in an appropriate math book. If you have a question about fish, check out a book about fish. If you have questions about spiritual things, look in the scriptures and use prayer. Get more free cards to go with your study of the New Testament this year.

Latter-day Saint themed Pictionary

Bring on the fun with Latter-day Saint Pictionary. 100 cards to keep the fun going! Each card has an image on it to help those who have difficulty reading as well as to give you a hint of what to draw if you are stumped. After you guess what it is, talk about the object in more detail for double points or pick out the cards the directly relate to your lesson this week.

Apostle Swat It

Learn the names of all the apostles and prophets with Apostle Swat It. First place one apostle's photo on the table. Have two people in front of a table, each with a fly swatter. Flip two name cards over at the same time. The person who swats the correct name first gets to go again. The other person sits down and gives someone else a turn. OR you can place all the names out at the same time and flip the photo card over to make it harder. Make it extra fun by sticking tap on the end of the fly swatter so it grabs the card as well.

Latter-day Saint Shout Out!

The object of Latter-day Saint Shout Out! is to guess all 10 target words on the topic cards. Two ways to play and a whole lot of fun! Each topic is Latter-day Saint related which makes this game also a great teaching opportunity. Before or after each card, go into further detail about the topic. Make it a Family History night instead with Family History Shout Out!

Family Spot It

For the younger crowd, try these 6 family themed cards to play a simplified version of Family Spot It (scroll down to the free handouts). Each card matches one drawing on another card. As your family makes matches, you can repeat a simple phrase like "Families can be together forever." Don't think your kids are up for playing the game? Color, punch a hole, and make them into necklaces instead. Also check out these other fun versions of Spot It:

Latter-day Saint Bingo/Matching Games

My favorite thing about Bingo games is you can easily transform them into a matching game too by printing two copies of the calling cards. After someone gets a Bingo, have them say something about each square in their Bingo. You can have them relate it back to missionary work, the Primary theme for the year, or your lesson topic. Here are a few of the LDS Bingo games you can get on my site:

Remember the Treat!

Decorate sugar cookies made from Latter-day Saint cookie cutters for another layer of gospel fun. You could even decorate extras to deliver to a neighbor or the missionaries in your area.