5 Thanksgiving Traditions You Don't Want to Miss

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?! Which part is your favorite- the food, family, or all the traditions? Yeah, I love them all too. Here are a few traditions you'll want to make sure you include this year:

Thanksgiving Dinner Printables

Have the children make something new for the Thanksgiving table this year or use the fun Seek and Find at the Kid Table. Need name cards or napkin rings? You can print those out too.

Scripture Study on Gratitude

One sure fire way to increase the gratitude in your life is through a study of it. Join the 2 week study with us on November 10 or go at your own pace. 

Thanks and Giving Tree

It's not too late to start counting your blessings this year and living in thanksgiving daily! Remember to include those family members that have passed on! Share their stories with this fun tradition!

Take the Thanksgiving Challenge

We spend so much time writing down our blessings but do we truly show our thanks? Take the 4 Weeks of Thanksgiving Challenge to dive deeper into your blessings AND show it. 

Include Gratitude for the Book of Mormon

Use these fun Book of Mormon decorations to turn muffins into boats, chocolate into blessings, and more. It's a great way to focus on the spiritual side of your blessings and have a little fun that easy to put together.

Your Turn- What's one of your must do Thanksgiving traditions?