Book of Mormon Treat Bags!

Whether you are reading the Book of Mormon in response to the prophet’s challenge, as a personal challenge, or as a family, celebrate your and other’s accomplishment with my free Book of Mormon treat bag!


While reading the Book of Mormon is definitely it’s own reward, it’s nice to celebrate that accomplishment with others. Congratulating a child for reading the entire Book of Mormon on their own can help them want to continue to read it as well as give them a chance to share their experience and testimony with you. Sharing a treat with a friend after you have read the Book of Mormon may be just the boost they need to finish it themselves.

Free Book of Mormon treat sleeve

Note: The other envelopes in the photo above are included in A Book of Mormon Thanksgiving kit where you can throw a whole celebration around the Book of Mormon.

Things you can put inside your free Book of Mormon treat bags:

  • Photo of the person reading the Book of Mormon with a note of appreciation from you.

  • Small Book of Mormon illustration with your testimony of the Book of Mormon.

  • Cookie with a congrats note or encouraging note to keep going.

  • Rice Krispies treat- you could even decorate it to look like a Book of Mormon.

  • Pack of gum with a note that says, “Way to chews to read the Book of Mormon."

  • A few Ghiradellia squares with a note that says, “Isn’t the Book of Mormon sweet?”

  • Nutri-grain bar with a note saying, “Way to feast on the Book of Mormon”

  • List of your favorite Book of Mormon scriptures and a treat

  • And so much more!

Looking for something different? Try my Book of Mormon nugget wrappers and toppers. It’s a great way to share your love of the Book of Mormon and congratulate others for reading it as well.