Stay Sane with a Christmas Eve Checklist

Making a list, checking it twice -if it works for Santa, then it should work for us too! There are all these little things that you want to get done on Christmas Eve- don't go to bed forgetting to do one until you wake up in a sweat at 2 AM. Keep your head straight and on task with my free Christmas Eve Checklist. 


You can grab your free printable checklist at the bottom of this post. Before you print though, here's some helpful tips! 

Set Up Your Christmas Morning Fun Zone

As a Mom, this is my number one priority come Christmas Eve. As soon as the kids go to bed, I set this up! It gives the kids a place to go in the morning when they wake up too early for you but too late to go back to sleep as well as keeps them from coming down while you are setting things up. Get all the details to make your own Christmas Morning Fun Zone.

Presents and Stockings

Do all the prep work for your stockings and presents before Christmas Eve! Plan nights where all you do is wrap presents or organize stocking stuffers into assigned bags in the weeks leading up to Christmas. However, there are some things that are harder to wrap beforehand. If you are going to assemble a basketball hoop for example, you can still prep for it by watching the how-to assemble videos or reading all the instructions beforehand. Trust me, it saves sanity later. Want to skip wrapping all together? Make two bags for each of your children: a Santa bag and a present bag from Mom and Dad. There are some cute present bags you can personalize on Shutterfly. 

Cameras, Scissors, Trash

Make sure you are all ready to record the memories the way you want on Christmas Eve- plug in your phones, set up your tripods (I like this one), check your background, add a lamp for extra light, and rearrange anything else you need. I like to stash a pair of scissors near my chair or in my stocking for those presents that need extra help to open. You can also put a ton of batteries in a parent stocking for those gifts that will require those.

You can disguise your trash cans by wrapping a box so it looks like a present (nicer for pictures) or hiding it behind a piece of furniture. Trash will be thrown in that direction so remember to put it where no one will get hit in the face as well! 

Cookies, Reindeer Food, and Letters

This is the one that is the worst to forget and ultimately inspired this list so no one has to get out of bed after getting warm under the covers. Looking for some great Santa stationary? Here's a great list of 15 different options. I like the ones where you can still hand write it but you may need to disguise yours a little bit more with a computer printed note. 

Breakfast Prep

Prevent those stomach aches from eating too much candy Christmas morning with some breakfast prep the night before. Crockpots are great for this or a overnight breakfast casserole where all you have to do is stick it in the oven. My favorite though, is to hang bagels from the Christmas tree or lamp and do a simple cheese, meat, and fruit plate in the morning. All I have to do is pull it out and we can eat. 

Enjoy the Moment

Remember to enjoy it! You worked so hard to make Christmas memorable and full of wonder for your family. Take a step back and appreciate all that you and your spouse have done! Turn on the Christmas lights, a little music, and savor it for a minute.