Does Your Husband Know You Love Him?

You married him, you may even have kids with him but does your husband know that you really love him? A few months ago, we talked about 10 Ways You Can Tell If Your Husband Loves You and realized that we, as wives, may not be reciprocating. When things feel off in your marriage, don't only think about what your husband is doing, take the time to elevate what you are doing as well. Sometimes you both feel off because neither of you are communicating love. Read through the following list and see what you are doing. Make goals to improve and take the 30 Days of Love Challenge to really waken up your marriage.


Say Thank You

Your husband does a lot for you and your family. He works long hours at the office, tries to check off all the things on your honey-do list, as well as does his best to support you in the ways you need. Express your gratitude for all he does. Make sure he knows how grateful you are, say "Thank you." 

LIttle Acts of Kindness

This goes beyond simply being nice. Be more observant. Notice how your husband is doing and what he needs then do something about it. It's one thing to say, "I'm sorry you are not feeling well." It's a whole other thing to give him that extra pillow or make him some soup. What does your husband need today? 

Look Him in the Eyes

Stop what you are doing, make eye contact, and really look at your husband. Tell him you love him. When he talks to you, look at him. When you want to talk to him, don't say it from the other room, go over to him and tell him. When he comes home, look at him as you say hello to each other.

Through His Stomach

It's true, a well fed man is a happy man. When you don't eat well it shows in crankiness. Make and stick to a menu plan this week, get take out from his favorite restaurant, cook his favorite meal, or share a favorite dessert. Take it one step further and plan a morning this month to bring him breakfast in bed after he sleeps in.


When you talk with your husband, touch his arm. Hold hands when you are walking next to each other. Sit next to him on the couch. Kiss him on the lips. Let him know that you still like to be near him and with him. 

Write it Down

Put it in ink so there is no denying it, you love him and you want him to know. Even better, write him a monthly love letter about the specific reasons you love him. Intimated by the thought? Try these ideas for texting him love messages instead. It's a great way to get you out of that rut... especially when you are having writers block. 


One of the best ways to see your husband smile is for him to see you smile. You being happy helps him be happy. Smile because you are happy. Smile because you love the way he looks today. Smile because he makes you laugh. Smile at him because you've been thinking about him all day. Smile at him because you love him and want him to be happy too.


Make a Fuss

Make a fuss, a little fuss, a big fuss. He may not say it but he loves that you put the time and effort into thinking about him. Big gestures aren't about the actual items as much as it is about the time and effort it took for you to put it all together. You love him enough to go through all that trouble and that matters. I like these 7 Days of Love templates- gives you ideas to make a little fuss about him and includes all the printables you'll need. 

Flirt First

Don't wait for your husband to flirt with you! Flirt with him! Flirting shouldn't disappear because you are married, you should be flirting more! Go bat those eyes and if you want, make something more happen.

Power of the Remote

I admit it, I hate most of the shows my husband likes to watch, like really don't like them at all. Giving your husband the power of the remote and watching one of his shows is a big deal! Even if you like a lot of the same shows, letting him pick shows him you care more about him then what you want. And that's pretty great.


Want to show your husband that you really love him? Take the 30 Days of Love Challenge from the Dating Divas. For 30 days be intentional about showing your love and watch how it transforms your marriage! A little intentional love every day makes a big difference.