Fall Thank You Gifts

It doesn't take much time to say Thank You but it can make all the difference. Make someone's day by expressing your gratitude with these cute fall Thank You tags.


These tags are great for showing appreciation for these great people:

  • Primary Presidency and Music Leaders- These ladies do a whole lot, especially at this time of year with the Primary Program and end of the year craziness. 
  • Neighbors- They are there to watch your house while you are on vacation or help you when you are in a bind. 
  • Church or School Teachers- You know how much of a handful your children are- be sure to thank those that put time into teaching them each week.
  • Choir Director- Always recruiting new members and making amateur singers sound beautiful for your holiday season. 
  • Your Children- Surprise your children with a sweet treat on their pillow one day this week noting a specific example of why they are amazing.

There are a few different versions of these leaf tags so be sure to print the page you want. Here are a few ways you can use each tag:

  • Be-"leaf" us when we say- You are amazing! Pair this tag with my favorite cookies to make in the fall- multi-colored sugar cookies. Simply divide your sugar cookie dough into different bowls to dye them different colors. Take parts of each dough and roll out together then cut with leaf shaped cookie cutters.
  • Be-"leaf" me- You are a "maze" ing! Attach to a maze book- there are even some great adult ones these days.
  • Be- "leaf" me- You are a "maize" ing! Attach to a bag of popcorn, these fun popcorn on the cob bags, or some cornbread. 
  • Be- "leaf" me- You are amazing! Add some fall cookie cutters and a batch of cookie dough or cookie dough mix.

Take it a step further and express your gratitude in person with this fun caramel apple party idea from The Dating Divas.