How to Use Your Christmas Pajama Tradition to Teach about the Holy Ghost

Who does the whole Pajamas on Christmas Eve tradition? You know, where you get to open one gift on Christmas Eve and every year it's always new pajamas. My family definitely had that one. Have you seen on Pinterest the version where you don't just get pajamas but also a movie and some snacks? What a fun idea! Well, if you were with me last year and read my 12 Christmas Devotionals, you know that we have our own version too. 


We give out our Christmas pajamas on December 1st instead of Christmas Eve. I know- CRAZY! What in the world am I doing breaking with tradition like that?! Well, it is all in an effort to teach my children about feeling the Holy Ghost. 

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A lot of you work hard at planning devotionals during the Christmas season or to make a point of reading Christmas scriptures together throughout December. While we can't make anyone feel the Holy Ghost, these are certainly good settings that allow the Spirit to permeate.

Pajamas and the Holy Ghost

Remember how good it feels to slide into a warm pair of comfy pajamas after you have been out in the wet cold? Remember how wonderful it felt as you finished that last line in the Moroni and knew without a doubt that the Book of Mormon is true? That warm comfy feeling of pajamas can help remind us of those warm comfy feelings in our hearts.

As you give Christmas pajamas to your family, remind them how Christ promised that He wouldn't leave us comfortless. He promised us the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost testifies to us, brings things to our remembrance, and helps keep us safe (John 14:18, 26-27). Each time your kids put on their pajamas during December, they can remember that they should be feeling the Holy Ghost each day too. If we are not, then something in our lives need to change whether that is repentance or taking a few minutes to stop and ponder. Each day, encourage your family to take a few moments to write down their feelings (at bedtime or after your Christmas devotionals).

Writing down those impressions and feelings, helps us to recognize God's hand in our lives and allow us to feel it more often. Encourage your family to write down their feelings too- what happened, how did it make them feel and why. 

Whether you give pajamas on the first of the month or on Christmas Eve, give out these sheets too. At the end there is room for your testimony- our Christmas gift to our Savior. Write down your testimony of the living Lord, Jesus Christ and remember all those times you have felt His love and comfort through the gift and power of the Holy Ghost.