Have All the Fun of an Ice Cream Truck in the Comfort of Your Home

Ahhh the ice cream truck. Your tongue starts to salivate when you hear the distant call. There is something nostalgic about buying a baseball glove ice cream treat with a bubblegum ball. Love the memories- hate the price and the wait. What do you do? Make your own ice cream truck! 


Head to the store and buy all kinds of fun popsicles and ice cream novelties. During the summer you can always find great deals plus add some coupons for even better savings. Stock your freezer full for the whole summer- it'll cost about the same for the whole summer as it does to buy a popsicles for each person in your family from the real truck. 

Next tear off a label from each box of treats you just bought. Tape all the labels together to make one great looking ice cream truck sign. Tape your sign to an homemade cardboard ice cream truck or to a rolled down window in your car; crank up the music and shout "Ice Cream Truck Time." You'll hear the sound of feet running in no time. 

How you distribute the ice cream is up to you. Last year I made prices. My kids earned ice cream truck money based on their performance of chores for the week. This year, I've picked different times of the month that I will do ice cream truck if they have completed all the day's assignments. And of course, there is nothing wrong with doing it for fun. 

Take your ice cream truck on the road and serve your friends and neighbor! Get everything you need to transform your vehicle and spruce up your cones and popsicles! 


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Looking for a homemade solution to fill your Ice Cream Truck? My boys and I had a blast making this Mud Pie Frozen Yogurt. 

Mud Pie Frozen Yogurt

  • 2 cups of Vanilla Greek Yogurt

  • 1/3 cup of honey (if you want it sweeter than normal yogurt)

  • Pinch of salt

  • Chocolate graham crackers or cookies

  • Gummy frogs, rattlesnakes, worms, spiders, etc. to taste

  1. Put some of the chocolate graham crackers or cookies into a ziploc bag. Place on top of a cutting board or other good surface then let the boys hammer away (safely).

  2. Pull apart the gummies into smaller pieces with your super human strength (or you can use scissors).

  3. Mix together the yogurt, honey, and salt. Pour into ice cream maker.

  4. Once it starts to thicken up a little, start pouring in the chocolate crumbs then the gummies.

  5. When it gets to a nice thick consistency, it's done! Eat right away or if you want it thicker, freeze it for a bit.

Don't have an ice cream maker? Mix everything together at once then pour it into popsicle molds or paper cups with sticks. 

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