How to Help Your Children Get to Know the Holy Ghost

As parents our main desire is to raise happy children. You want them to understand how to be truly happy, confident, and independent when it's time to leave the nest. In 3 John 1:4 it says,

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

How do you teach your children to walk in truth? It is vital that you help them foster a relationship with the Holy Ghost. Your children will desperately need the guidance of the Spirit just like you do. When they have any kind of question in their life, you want them to know that they can turn to Heavenly Father in prayer and receive an answer through the gift of the Holy Ghost. How can you help your children develop this relationship? How do you help them know it is the Holy Ghost speaking to them? How can you help them continue to hear His voice? 


We know what the Holy Ghost feels like because we have felt it. It is a feeling that brings joy, peace, and surety. You may feel it differently than I because He knows you. He knows how to speak with you. He knows how to speak to your children. One of the things you can start doing now is whenever you feel or hear the Holy Ghost, tell your children so they can start to recognize His voice. See if they are feeling the same thing. Tell them how you received an answer to your prayer. Your children need to know that what you are teaching them actually works! They need to know it is true so they will have enough hope to try it themselves. 

Once they have felt the Holy Ghost- ENCOURAGE THEM TO WRITE IT DOWN! Elder Richard G. Scott stated, 

It is through writing down the simple little impressions our children receive that they will continue to develop a relationship with the Holy Ghost. They will begin to recognize those promptings on their own! Your children will know that what you've been teaching is true because they will have a witness of it for themselves! AND they will continue to receive more inspiration as they do so. As your children try to find their way through school, friendships, and all kinds of conflicting information, they will have an navigator on their side that they already know. What more could we want for our children!? 

This year, give your children a gift they can really use for Christmas. Give them a Sacred Journal where they can write these thoughts and impressions down. Give them a scheduled time each day or week to sit and reflect on their promptings. Allow your children the opportunity to ponder. Encourage it and lead through example. 

I made my children Scared Journals with a picture of each one of them on the cover. Since we were able to go to the Sacred Grove this year, I put a picture of each one of them in the Sacred Grove. When this journal is full, I'll take a new picture with similar spiritual significance such as the temple, our church building, or a new church history site. I want to be able to make as many connections to sacred experiences as I possibly can for them. 

You can easily make these photo covered Sacred Journals too. Shutterfly makes it really easy. You upload your picture and use the single photo template on one of their notebooks. I ordered the 5x8 size so if my children want to take it to church or school, it's small enough to fit in their bag. You can find all the available notebooks by using Shutterfly's search bar or clicking "see all stationary." 

Be sure to watch the above video to find out more ways to make these Sacred Journals meaningful for your family! It makes the journal even more special.

Keep crossing off your Christmas checklist by doing these things now.