How to Make Your Life's Soundtrack

Your life deserves a soundtrack- music you can play to encourage you during the tough times and to help you celebrate during the great moments. Music you can dance to, music to help you let go of all the stress. 

Do you realize the powerful effect music can have? When you are having one of those days, those down in the dumps kind of days, don't keep going down that path. Take charge of your life and change your course with your own life's soundtrack. Play it in the morning, when you start to get discouraged, and any time in between. Let it motivate you and remind you of where you want to go.


My favorite way to make my life's soundtracks is with Prime Music. There are loads of songs included and you can download them to your device so you can listen any place, any time. Download a few and make your own playlists like a Life Is Great, Time to Dance playlist or Good Morning Sunshine playlist.

One of my favorite soundtracks to use is my Take Back My Life Soundtrack. Whenever I feel my thoughts are turning down a negative path instead of the positive one I originally chose, I push play to this one. It helps me remember that I'm in control and to focus on the things I can change. 


Take Back My Life Soundtrack

Bonus! If you use Prime Music, you also get all the other benefits of a Prime membership like free 2 day shipping or Amazon Video. Looking for a Sunday appropriate soundtrack? Rock of Ages- 30 Favorite Hymns by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is a great way to go. It's starts with "Onward, Christian Soldiers" and includes other greats like "How Firm a Foundation."


Your Turn- What's on your life's soundtrack? What kind of playlists are you going to make?