How to Pack a Spare Outfit Kit like a Pro

Today, Audra from Reality to Dreams, is sharing one of her Traveling Tips. You'll love the way she packs! 

A hot Summer day often makes me feel like cowering indoors away from the heat and hot cars, sunburn, and feeling sticky and sweaty. But, I'm still left with two energetic little boys who need to run, play, and take in a little fresh air and sunlight. Local splash pads have been the perfect answer. Especially when they offer a little shade.


Typically we plan to spend the morning at the park on the splash pad, and we leave the house in our swimsuits prepared with hats, sunscreen, towels, water, etc. But on occasion, we come upon the splash pad in the courtyard of the open air mall while we're shopping, for example, and suddenly I'm confronted with half a dozen decisions to make. Do I say No to the splash pad? Do I buy swimsuits and a towel? Do I put sopping wet or half naked kids in the car afterwards? Do I really want to drive all the way home for a change of clothes before we run our other errands??


The answer to all of these questions is literally in the bag. This Summer, I kept a DIY Swim Kit and Spare Outfit Kit in the car at all times for each of my boys. I've used their Spare Outfit Kit so many times in varying situations, I DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT THEM. If you're sending a little one to day care or preschool this Fall, their teacher will appreciate and may even ask for a spare outfit.

A Simple Spare Outfit 'Kit'

Each of my boys gets his own Ziploc bag with his name written on it, and the following inside:

  • A spare outfit [bottoms and a top]
  • A pair of socks
  • A pair of undies [or, a diaper]
  • Wipes

Why I Love The Ziploc Bag

I've found a simple clear, plastic bag with a strong 'zip' closure to be the best container for our Spare Outfit Kit:

  • I can see what's inside
  • I don't have to haul a large diaper bag around
  • I can 'vacuum-pack' whatever is inside by forcing all of the air out before I zip the bag
  • Wet/dirty clothes can go back into the Ziploc until I can wash them
  • I can fit two gallon-sized Ziploc bags in a preschooler's backpack [+2 Lunchables and a bottle of water]

How To Pack A Spare Outfit Kit


Make the items you need most often easily accessible. Chances are you'll need the wipes first. Keep a short stack visible and in a smaller Ziploc bag within the larger one. A clean shirt tends to be the next most popular item. By following the How-To above you'll pack your outfit in such a way that you will be able to pull the shirt off of the bundle and leave the pants, undies/diaper, and socks in tact if they aren't needed.

Your turn- What else would you include in a Spare Outfit Kit? When do you see yourself using one?

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