LDS Coloring Pages You Need to Know About

Who knew coloring could be such a great family bonding experience? Put on some nice music, grab all your favorite coloring tools, and get some amazing coloring pages out for the whole family. 

You will love using these LDS coloring pages as it tends to shift your focus from the stress of right now into the eternal realm. They are all beautifully designed around gospel principles. As you color with your family, it gives you time to ponder and open up about your lives. You can ask questions you wouldn't at other times and you smile more at each other. 


Use these LDS coloring pages to:

  • Help little ones be reverent during Sacrament meeting or Stake Conferences
  • As a supplement to a Family Home Evening lesson
  • Ponder and discuss gospel topics on the Sabbath
  • Unwind after a stressful day
  • Bond with your family- sometimes it takes a moment of quiet before real conversations begin
  • Reward sheets- color differente parts as you work towards a goal
  • Road trips
  • Church lessons- LDS youth and primary classes would love these plus some of these would be great handouts for adult classes too.

LDS Printable

You will love the details in LDS Printable's coloring pages. They make stunning coloring pages without being too overwhelming. Their Faith is Like a Little Seed may be my favorite. My whole family though, quickly came to take some of my pages as well. My sons love the Armor of God and Captain Moroni pages. My daughters had a hard time deciding- thank  goodness I can print more copies! You can buy individual coloring pages, a set of 2 or 3, or buy the entire book. 

Color Like a Chicken

Chicken Scratch n Sniff's coloring book includes 70 pages that are perfect for teaching primary or Family Home Evenings based on gospel principles. Find coloring pages based on scripture stories and life today as well as activity ideas. Several pages include scriptures or phrases making it easy to discuss the gospel as you color. Get the entire book then print it as many times as you need for your family.

Scripture Stories Coloring Book

The Church has all kinds of great coloring and activity pages now. You can simply do the activities or color them as well. Print a specific page for free or download the entire book. Rather not use your printer ink? Find the following different books now on

A Lively Hope

Heidi at A Lively Hope has several beautifully hand drawn coloring pages. She combines several different patterns to make beautiful pages you'd be happy even leaving blank. Give one to your home or visiting teaching families this month or use them to create a new scripture journal.

Color the Temples: An LDS Coloring Book

Continue to make the temple a symbol of your membership as you color these pages about temples. Color the Temples has 30 hand-drawn illustrations accompanied by historical facts and trivia. Since each page is printed on it's own sheet, you can cut it out and frame it for your home afterwards. 

Enjoy some coloring therapy backed with gospel principles. If you need some fun coloring tools, we had fun with these glitter markers

Your Turn- When do you like to color?