Play This New LDS Game: What Am I?

Looking for another fun activity for your next LDS church activity or Family Home Evening? This LDS game, What Am I? is a lot of fun and easy to play with multiple ages. 


How to Play What Am I?

This game is similar to Hedbanz. It's easy to play with various sized groups and it's lots of fun. 

  1. Mix up all the cards and place them upside down in a pile on the table.
  2. Everyone picks one card and places it on their head without looking at it. You can use Hedbanz for this or even a sweat band. 
  3. Take turns asking yes and no questions to discover what your card is. 
  4. After you correctly guess your card, repeat steps. The person with the most cards wins. 
  5. For more cards use my CTR Bingo or LDS Pictionary.

Tie this game into a great lesson by talking about how asking questions is a great thing. It’s how we learn more. Joseph Smith asked a question and received the First Vision. You can then focus on asking the right type of questions or how to seek the answers. In order to find the right answers, you need to consult the right sources. If you have a math questions, look in an appropriate math book. If you have a question about fish, check out a book about fish. If you have questions about spiritual things, look in the scriptures and use prayer.

Be sure to print out my LDS Scattergories game too. It's another free game ready for you to use for your next activity. And of course, check out my Market for even more fun.

Lesson Resources

Use the following articles to further develop a lesson that's right for your family:

End the night with these mystery jelly beans to stay on theme and add additional laughter to your evening.

This game would also be fun to play for Activity Days or as a opening for your next LDS Primary lesson- make cards based on the main purpose for your lesson to introduce the topic or use it as a great review. If you need more cards use the calling cards in my CTR Bingo or the cards in my LDS Pictionary game.