4 Great Family Home Evenings

Are you looking for new ideas to make your Family Home Evenings fun AND meaningful? Here are four great ways you can enjoy time with your family every week plus ways to tie in gospel learning. Each idea also includes a fun themed treat. 


Guess That Tune

Take advantage of the new LDS Media Library App and play Guess that Tune. Instead of competing over how many notes you need before you guess that tune, guess how many seconds you will need to hear from the song on the app. The Media app includes music from the Hymns and Children's Songbook. You can either make it extra difficult by switching back and forth or stick to one book. You can also make it easier if you stick to one topic. For younger children especially, focus on the songs they have been learning in Primary lately. If you don't know what they are, the Primary Sharing Time Outline for the year has a list of songs they should learn this year. At the beginning of each month it says which song they should be focusing on. Your lesson can focus on the words of one song in particular, D&C 25:12, or how we need to choose good music to listen to (see For The Strength of Youth for additional lesson material). If you want a super fun themed treat, you can get whistle lollipops that are tons of fun. 

LDS What Am I?

Take the classic Hedbanz game and make it into a LDS game. Use the cards from my CTR BingoLDS Pictionary, or use the 10 free cards in this post. Focus your lesson on asking questions and where to turn for the correct answers (more lesson sources found with the 10 free cards). Treat yourself with some mystery jelly beans to complete the theme for the night.

LDS Apostles Bingo

Review the names and faces of the apostles and prophets before General Conference by playing this fun LDS Bingo game. You can even play it as matching game instead. Review messages from the previous General Conference for your lesson and end with your favorite General Conference treat like homemade cinnamon rolls! 

LDS Scattergories

Have a blast with my free LDS version of Scattergories. Focus your lesson on love for the gospel (find lesson helps with the Scattergory printable) then use Alphabet Letter Gummy Candies or Alpha-Bits cereal treats for your refreshment. 

Whatever you do this month, have fun and strengthen your testimony of the gospel as a family. If you have struggled with having consistent Family Home Evenings, I've found including in our weekly Family Councils has made all the difference. You can print a free agenda and learn more about Family Councils in my post.