LDS Related Movies Now Available on Netflix (February 2016)

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Are you ready to stream some movies via Netflix? The following are all the LDS related movies I could find that are available in the United States as of right now. There are absolutely more great Christian movies available as well, however, this post only focuses on the LDS specific ones. Share your other recommendations or more finds in the comments below! Please keep in mind that Netflix movies differ by country. 

Looking for more great LDS movies? Check out the LDS themed movies that made into our favorites list and how you can watch them.


Take your spouse on a Netflix Binge Date Night. Every time you pause the movie or it stalls to load, you draw a card. It's a great date night in! Find the Netflix Binge Date Night printable plus more ideas in the 30 Day Love Challenge.


Meet the Mormons (PG)

Meet the Mormons examines the diverse lives of six devout members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints found around the world including the U.S., Nepal, and Costa Rica. You'll love this movie! If you haven't watched it yet, get to it! You can also buy it here. If you like Meet the Mormons, you'll want to come Meet These Mormons too. 



A true story of 2 LDS missionaries kidnapped and beaten while serving in Russia. This movie really shows how you can still have faith and hope in the face of such a great trial. It might make you cry as well. This movie is not ideal for young children because it is such a serious and intense movie. Want to own it? Buy it here.



Granite Flats (TV-G)

All 3 seasons of this BYUtv show are now available to stream on Netflix. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how much you are drawn into this one. In a world of secrets, who can you trust? Discover truths and more mysteries in this little town of Granite Flats during the Cold War.


Saints and Soldiers (PG-13)

The first of the Saints and Soldiers movies- all based on real events during war. This one is about a small band of Allied soldiers trying to survive behind enemy lines. One of them is a U.S. soldier that had previously served as a missionary in the same area. During the movie they are trying to get information back to their supervisors so they can save thousands of lives.


Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed (PG-13)

A group of American paratroopers risk their lives after landing in enemy territory to save a group of French resistance fighters. This one takes place during World War II. Keep in mind these are war movies so there will be shooting and blood. You can also buy it here.


Saints and Soldiers: The Void (PG-13)

The newest Saints and Soldiers movie is available for streaming on Netflix. Jesse Owens struggles with racial prejudice among his own team as he tries to help them all survive. Takes place at the end of World War II.

Your Turn- What is your favorite LDS related show or movie to binge watch? What are some of your other Netflix favorites?