Let's Play Family Bingo!

Here's a great activity for Family Home Evening or your next family reunion. Play Family Bingo! There are a ton of fun ways to play and you can customize it to fit your needs.

Print out your family bingo template by clicking the image above and start filling it up! 

Ways to Fill in Your bingo Board:

  • Family attributes or characteristics
  • Family photos including ancestors
  • Family nicknames
  • Favorite family stories or memories
  • Family vacation photos
  • Get to know you questions
  • Photo scavenger hunt
  • Mixture of several of the above

Remember there is more than one way to get a Bingo too. Try mixing it up these ideas:

  • Outside border 
  • Black out
  • Two intersecting lines

Get even more Bingo templates and family tree tokens when you get the Family History Family Fun Packet or get another free template from A Lively Hope.

Your Turn- What's your favorite reason to use family bingo?