Stay on Top of the Things that Matter Most

I was given this planner for free but I totally would have bought it anyway. See my full disclosure.

New year, new goals, new commitments. As you refocus on what's most important in your life, how are you planning to keep the most important things top priority? It's easy to know what's important but it takes planning in order to keep them that way. Focus on what matters most with the help of the Mormon Mom Planner. 


Keep reading to see how the Mormon Mom Planner helps keep the most important things at the top of your daily life's list or skip to the bottom of this post to watch my video showing you some of my favorite features and the way I like to use it.

The Spiritual

The Mormon Mom Planner has all kinds of great things to help you stay on top of your spiritual priorities. I especially love the Scripture Reading Chart found at the front as well as the Family Home Evening Page for each month. It's so nice to have everything in one place. I used to have separate sheets for everything kept in all kinds of different places- it is so nice to have a planner that includes these priorities. The Sunday Notes page is great to take notes at church or write your thoughts down afterwards. You will also find a Visiting Teaching Tracker, The Living Christ, and The Family Proclamation. 

Have new spiritual goals this year? Use the daily habit tracker found in the weekly calendar area to help you chart your progress. It's so helpful!

Pssttt.... The bookmark shown above is from the same company and super handy. 

Family Life

There is always so much to keep track of in a family. I love that the Mormon Mom Planner has a separate section for Home and Family. It let's you keep track of your relationship goals with your spouse, the things that are important to your children, even your cleaning routine. Use the monthly calendar in your Family Councils each week to keep what's important to your family a top priority . Find the following family helps in the Mormon Mom Planner as well:

  • Working Together

  • Family Ideals

  • Financial Management

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Vacation Planning

  • Back to School Planning (super helpful!)

Holiday Plans

Sometimes it seems like you need a whole other planner for holidays. Thankfully, this planner includes extra pages to help you conquer the holidays with an organized brain. Write down your traditions and how you will keep the focus on Christ during Easter and Christmas. Find help with the following:

  • New Years Plans and Goals

  • Easter Plans

  • Summer Plans

  • Thanksgiving Plans

  • Christmas Plans including Gift Giving Charts

  • Thank You Cards


Remember to take care of yourself with help from key pages in the Mormon Mom Planner as well. I love the inspirational quotes found at the beginning of each new month. The monthly goals though is my favorite. It really makes it easier to make actionable steps to accomplish New Year Resolutions. You will also enjoy using:

  • Favorite Things

  • Relationship Page

  • Medical Appointment Chart

  • Healthcare Information

  • Important and Handy Information

  • Note Pages

The Everyday

Of course this is a planner so you will find all kinds of great organizational pages. Use your calendars to plan in what's important first then fill in the rest with what you need. I use the LDS stamper to quickly put in frequent activities (there is a Mom one too). Find the following great pages inside this planner:

  • Year at a Glance

  • Planning Ahead Pages

  • Birthdays and Anniversaries

  • Contacts

  • Budget Page

  • To Do Lists

  • Weekly Calendars

  • Monthly Calendar

  • Planning Matrix

I use one of the planning pages to keep a short journal. This planner already is an excellent record of what's going on in your life, why not add special memories too. By the end of the year, you have a great family history record. 

Seriously, there are so many little helpful things included in this planner it makes you sigh with relief- there is finally one place to dump all you need down and you don't have to worry about losing any of it. 

Want to recommend this planner to someone of another faith?

Get the same great features minus the LDS specific things with the Mom on the Go Planner. There is also the Know It Planner which is similar to the Mormon Mom Planner but without the Home and Family Section. And the Simple Planner doesn't have the LDS specific things nor the Home and Family Section.

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