Popping with Gratitude Lunch Bag Notes

Are you ready to spread some cheer? Spring is such a beautiful time of year- everything is coming back to life and the colors are amazing. Bottle up all that sunshine and give it to friend with this fun twist on a favorite LDS Primary Song.


Print this cute Apricot Popcorn note on lunch bags then fill them up with popcorn! You could even add some dried apricot pieces for extra fun. Print directly on to lunch sacks or print on paper then cut and paste. If you think you may need to leave the bag on a door step, try weighing it down by adding a real apricot inside. Remember to include a personal note on front- maybe "Popping by to say Thank You!" and a pop of color.

These bags are a great addition to a Family Home Evening. You can tie in one of the several talks on service from April 2016 LDS General Conference or base your lesson on gratitude or happiness. These popcorn bags also makes a fun Visiting or Home Teaching gift during the spring. 

Keeping sending cheer with a Box of Sunshine! Cute tags and treat ideas to help bring some sunny moments in someone’s life. Send one item over or a whole box full!