Thank You Teacher Sticky Notes!

Looking for a great teacher gift that 1) isn’t food 2) will be useful? Look no further! Print out these free thank you sticky notes for your teachers. You can give them a whole pack of sticky notes or decorate their door with them! Best part? It doesn’t take long to assemble! The last month of school is crazy- let’s keep it simple.


Printing on sticky notes is one of my favorite things. The words stand out, it's unexpected, and it's easy to use a lot of different colors (check out this pack of colors). Instructions to print are included in the printable. However, if you still have questions, you can watch my how to print on sticky notes tutorial or play it safe with full adhesive sticky notes (they really come in handy).

Print six different styles of sticky notes all great for the teachers in your life! You can carefully stick the printed notes back on top of several sticky note pads. Tie a few together and give them! You can even add a gift card or special note from your child. OR surprise your teacher with some thank you notes all over their door!

The two printables are the same. One will print upside down. It depends on what type of printer you have for which will work best for you. When I had my inkjet printer, the regular one worked great. Now that I have my laser printer, I need the upside down one.

And remember! As you put away the leftover school supplies, take inventory and save yourself some stress when it’s back to school time.