Watch these LDS Movies on Netflix Tonight!

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It is so fun to continue to discover more and more LDS related films available to stream on Netflix. To save you time, here's an updated list of all the LDS related movies currently on Netflix. Do you have a favorite that you watch? I've check the list of upcoming and soon to be removed from Netflix for June as well. All the following should be around for at least the next month if not longer.

Did you know that this list can be a great missionary tool too? Suggest a movie to a friend and talk about later or better yet, watch one together. You can draw on similar values and build from there! 

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Meet the Mormons examines the diverse lives of six devout members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints found around the world including the U.S., Nepal, and Costa Rica. Love this movie! You can also buy it here.

Granite Flats (TV-G)

All 3 seasons of this BYUtv show are now available to stream on Netflix. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I was drawn in by this one. In a world of secrets, who can you trust? Discover truths and more mysteries in this little town of Granite Flats during the Cold War.


Grab the tissues because this movie will probably make you cry. A mix of true experiences from the Mormon Pioneers crossing the plains (Martin and Willie handcart companies). Such an inspirational movie. Watch it all the time or give it to a friend when you buy it here.


This movie doesn't flow like other movies, rather it's a combination of all the events of the restoration.  My kids were shocked when they saw the scenes with the tar and feathering and other persecutions. It was good for them to learn about how much the early saints had to suffer through and why they chose to do so (especially Joseph Smith). However, it is something to be aware of so you can talk about it together.


A true story of 2 LDS missionaries kidnapped and beaten while serving in Russia. It really shows how you can still have faith and hope in the face of such a great trial. It might make you cry as well. This movie is not ideal for young children because it is such a serious and intense movie. Want to own it? Buy it here.


The newest Saints and Soldiers movie is available for streaming on Netflix. Jesse Owens struggles with racial prejudice among his own team as he tries to help them all survive. Takes place at the end of World War II.


A group of American paratroopers risk their lives after landing in enemy territory to save a group of French resistance fighters. Takes place during World War II. Keep in mind these are war movies so there will be shooting and blood. This is also available at


The first of the Saints and Soldiers movies- all based on real events during war. This one is about a small band of Allied soldiers trying to survive behind enemy lines. One of them is a U.S. soldier that had previously served as a missionary in the same area. During the movie they are trying to get information back to their supervisors so they can save thousands of lives.


The star rugby player is sent to a reformatory for a DUI. While he is serving his sentence, a tough rival coach allows him to play for his team. This movie is said to show the importance of good values and making champions out of each player not just a champion team. It's also available at


Ned, a long time grieving widower, has no plans to start dating again. He refuses to give his daughter's new boyfriend a chance so his daughter tries to set him up with their beautiful neighbor in hopes of him easing up on her boyfriend (also known as Midway to Heaven).


Two filmmakers travel around the U.S. asking people on the streets about their perception and misconceptions of Mormons. At only about 30 minutes, you could use this during a youth activity to show why it is important to include our church activities when talking about our daily lives to friends.


A Netflix original. See behind the scenes during Mitt Romney's two presidential campaign runs. Gives insight into what it really takes to go into politics. 

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

A struggling writer meets a charming waitress on the day he is ready to give up writing. It's your basic romantic comedy.

Minor Details

Someone is trying to make the kids at this upscale boarding school sick. 4 girls join together to discover who is at the bottom of it all. 

There are lots of other great religious shows and movies also available on Netflix. I only listed the ones that I discovered have LDS ties. You can find these and other great LDS movies at the LDS Bookstore. You can also find some of the bigger name movies at Target (although some are only available online). 

Your Turn- What's your favorite LDS show to stream on Netflix right now? What other shows do you love to watch on Netflix? What movie are you going to suggest to a friend?