Where to Find Free Mementos in Historic Nauvoo

One of the neat things about Historic Nauvoo is that everything comes to life. The tour guides are dressed in period clothing, the buildings are filled with historic items- you go back in time. When you go into the tin shop, you learn how they used to make things and how to make good use out of the scrapes. And because they do things just like they used to, you can even benefit with free mementos! If you are headed to Nauvoo, be sure to pick up these memorable items and before you head out, read these tips for when you get there.


Scovil Bakery

If you need a little snack to keep you going through your adventure, head to the Scovil Bakery. After discovering more about the bakery and the man that ran it, you can try one of the famous cookies.


Learn how bricks are made at the brickyard. When it's over your family can take home one Nauvoo brick! Each brick is made with the Old Nauvoo stamp making it a great addition to your home and easy way to remember your trip.

Visitors Center

If you ask at the desk, you can get a free I Spy booklet to use during your trip. It makes a fun keepsake afterwards as you record your answers during the trip.

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Need something for younger kids?

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Webb Brothers' Blacksmith Shop

Probably the most popular souvenir in all of Nauvoo is found at the Blacksmith shop. It's also one of the favorite demonstrations. After you've learned a bit more about what a blacksmith does, you can pick out your very own prairie diamond. They have a lot of sizes but if you still can't find one that fits you, ask a missionary to adjust it to your size.

Family Living Center

This is a must if you have children regardless of what you get to take home. There are several stations inside the Family Living Center that will demonstrate some of the skills needed in Old Nauvoo such as rug making. Head to the bread station for a demonstration and free slice. Our favorite though was rope making- you get to keep the rope you make! It even comes in handy on the ride home.

Frontier Country Fair

During pageant season, head down to the grounds before the show starts for lots of fun and free mementos. We came back with a sock puppet and wood slices with a burnt Nauvoo stamp on it. It's neat because at one station you cut the slices and at the other you can watch them burn the images on.

Be sure to head to the main part of town to find more souvenirs inside the shops. We love our courting candlestick holder. If you are heading to Nauvoo soon, remember to read these top 5 tips before heading out the door.