"Thou Art the Christ" Matthew 16-17; Mark 8-9; Luke 9 (April 1-14)

Your class should have been studying "Thou Art the Christ" Matthew 16-17; Mark 8-9; Luke 9 (April 1-14) for two weeks now- hopefully you’ll have the greatest study rate with this one. You may also want to include some quotes or stories from General Conference.


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Study Suggestions

Matthew 16, Matthew 17, Mark 7-8, Mark 9:1-29, Mark 9:30-50, Luke 8-9 from the New Testament Seminary Teacher manual

Matthew 16-18, Mark 8-10, Luke 9-14 from the New Testament Institute Teacher manual

“Revelation for the Church, Revelation for Our Lives” by President Russell M. Nelson

“Prophecy and Personal Revelation” by President Henry B. Eyring

“Personal Revelation: The Teachings and Examples of the Prophets” by Elder Robert D. Hales

“Where Are the Keys and Authority of the Priesthood?” by Elder Gary E. Stevenson

“The Keys and Authority of the Priesthood” by President Dallin H. Oaks

“‘Lord, I Believe’” by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

“Lord, I Believe; Help Thou Mine Unbelief” by President James E. Faust

Book of Mormon Central has lots of other great resources for more study


These are great to listen together in the car on the way to school. My whole family loves listening to the youth speaker ones especially. Remember, as a Deseret Bookshelf PLUS member, you can access these eBooks or audio books anytime. Find out more about Deseret Bookshelf PLUS.


Watch a video and discuss it after dinner, recap a part of the lesson before Church on Sunday, share a video in a group and discuss it together, or pause and discuss a video as part of your main lesson.

The Spirit of Revelation (about 16 minutes)- Talk from Elder David A. Bednar

Patterns of Light: Spirit of Revelation (about 3 minutes)-From Elder Bednar

Power in the Priesthood (about 15 minutes)- Talk from Elder Neil L. Andersen

Priesthood Keys: The Restoration of the Priesthood Keys (about 2 minutes)- Story from Elder L. Tom Perry

Priesthood Keys: Keys Are the Authority of God (about 1 minute)- From Elder Hallstrom

Learn Your Duty (about s 1/2 minutes)- Clip from Brother Larry M. Gibson

Priesthood Keys: The Priesthood, an Opportunity to Serve (about 1 1/2 minutes)- Bishop Davies read about priesthood keys from the handbook

“Lord, I Believe” (about 15 minutes)- Talk from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Peter Testifies of Christ (about 1 minute)- Illustrated scripture story

Thou Art the Christ (about 1 1/2 minutes)- Bible video

Jesus Teaches that We Must Become as Little Children (about 3 minutes)- Bible video

Whosoever Will Lose His Life for My Sake Shall Find It (about 2 minutes)- Bible video

Appearing in Glory: The Transfiguration (about 1 1/2 minutes)- Illustrated scripture story

Receiving Revelation (about 4 1/2 minutes)

Testing Revelation (about 1 1/2 minutes)- from President Dallin H. Oaks

Personal Revelation- Additional videos all about personal revelation

The Boy With an Evil Spirit (about 1 1/2 minutes)- Illustrated scripture story


Hang one on the fridge, mail it to a friend, cut it into a puzzle, and more! Bright Idea posters come from the Friend, Mormonads are from The New Era, and others are images found throughout LDS.org

Whom Do Men Say That I the Son of Man Am?

Simon Peter Answers

Jesus Walks with His Disciples

Become as Little Children

The Transfiguration

Need a Lift? (Mormonad)

On Board? (Mormonad)

Elijah Appearing in the Kirtland Temple

Master, I Have Brought unto Thee My Son (same as in the manual)

Roman Coin


Testimony Snowball (Bright Idea)

Let Your Faith Show (Bright Idea)

Teaching Ideas

Matthew 16:13-17

  • Make spy glasses for everyone to use as you discuss gaining a testimony of Jesus Christ. The I Believe sheet rolls nicely into a tube. Then using one of the circles, attach it to the end of the tube (Note: You can make it pretty and sneaky by putting the circle inside the end of the tube or you can make life simpler by taping it on the end). Have everyone look through the tube and tell you what they learn. Compare that to seeing with spiritual eyes or receiving personal revelation.

  • Use the I Believe sheet as a coloring page instead. Then inside each tulip, have your class write some things they believe about Jesus Christ.

  • Cut out the colored tops of the tulips from the I Believe page and hide them around the room. Post the black and white I Believe page on the board. As your class finds the tulips, have them write or say one way they can find out for themselves that Jesus is our Savior and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lord’s true church on the earth today. As they share, they can tape the colored tulip on top of the black and white one. Show how when we choose to have faith in Jesus Christ, it makes our world more colorful.

  • Use the circles to make a necklace instead. Bring some wooden beads with large holes like these ones to string on, making the paper circle the charm in the middle. Discuss how sharing our testimony helps other people come to know Jesus Christ as well as strengthens our own. You can even talk about how to build our testimonies as you string on each bead.

Matthew 16:15-19

  • Ask someone with priesthood keys to come to your class and explain who he received his priesthood keys from and how they work. You can make a chart using the blank keys to trace back his priesthood lineage to Jesus Christ.

  • Make a key ring! Use the keys with examples as well as blank keys to make a key ring and discuss what blessings we receive through different priesthood keys and how people use them. You may want to use one of the object lessons from Maria Eckersley to help explain how they work.

  • You can hide these keys around the room as well as mentioned in the manual (print on colored paper). Some hiding places you can use: behind the trashcan, under the table, in between a stack of chairs, behind your church bag, behind the door, or bring in a stack of hymn books or scriptures to make more hiding spots!

Matthew 17:19-20

  • Give your class a packet of “mustard seeds.” Skittles and mini M&M’s work well as seeds but so do real ones! Write the person’s name on their packet and ask them what seeds of faith they have. You can put one candy or seed in for each thing they say (max of 10 or whatever).

  • Discuss what they are growing with their mustard seeds of faith. If our faith can work miracles, what are some of the miracles we are hoping to accomplish? Have them draw their answer on each stem. Tie this into moving mountains.

  • If you send home real seeds, be sure to tell your class how to plant them and help them grow!

Activity Pages

Definitely check out the latest addition of the Friend and New Era as well.

Look under the topics of Priesthood, Testimony, and Faith.