General Conference Activities

I'm always trying new things it seems. This time for General Conference I thought I'd go with the one activity per apostle/prophet idea (which I found on Pinterest of course). That means at least 3 activities a session which is pretty good.  I found though, that two speak back to back then one at the end of a session.  That meant lots of doing at the beginning and saving an activity for the next session. It still turned out pretty well though.  I had the typical stand-bys too like Bingo, file folders, felt boards, snacks, etc. The funny thing was I had three food activities set for 3 apostles and it just so happened that all three food activities were in the same session. So its definitely not a perfect method, but it is fun and I will be doing it again. It also allowed for us all to get to know the prophets better and helped us listen more. Here's what we did for our activities (in random order):

President Thomas S. Monson

Warm Fuzzies- Since he always talks about service, it seemed like warm fuzzies would be the perfect activity.  I made the balls ahead of time and they just decorated them.  I had foam shapes, googly eyes, and glue for them to use in decorating. They came out in all sorts of fun ways. If they are old enough, you can have them write down a way they will serve that week and they can leave their warm fuzzy in the place of their service.  Its a great way to keep the message of General Conference going.

President Henry B. Eyring

Hidden pictures- There is a specific hidden picture page that you can use for President Eyring that helps you learn more about him too.  I found mine at Scriptures 4 Kids (one of my favorite sites).

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

It should be no surprise that I did an airplane craft for this one. Last conference we did giant paper airplanes that we then raced after the session. This time we made airplanes out of Popsicle sticks and colored them with markers.

President Boyd K. Packer

He added the fourth-year Book of Mormon course for seminary so we did a Book of Mormon matching game. I used the one that I found years ago and don't know where. It is pictures of Book of Mormon characters that I just cut out and laminated for a memory game. 

Elder L. Tom Perry

I bought a couple of favorite snacks for this one. Then they could pick any other activity that they wanted to do like felt boards. 

Elder Russell M. Nelson

He's a doctor so we make doctor bags. I just folded black construction paper in half, cut out some handles in colorful paper, and put out the following supplies to be taped/glued in the bag: paper bandaid, long Q-tip, tongue depressor, cotton ball, plastic glove, paper medicine container, and a heart because love is great medicine. I also brought out the construction paper crayons which work wonders on black paper. This is a very rare treat since I don't even know if you can still find them in stores.

Elder M. Russell Ballard

For the life of me, I just can't remember! Oh bother. There are lots of things you could do though- I love the Apostle paper dolls (found at the end of the nursery packet), any of the other activities in the many packets out there, and just fun coloring pages period. 

Elder Richard G. Scott

Time for a food activity. I found this fabulous idea on Pinterest- Jelly Bean bracelets! Perfect for April General Conference. They were a lot harder to make the day of because I had already opened up the jelly bean bag and they had gotten harder over night. So if you do this, open a fresh bag of jelly beans! I recommend the bigger jelly beans too if you have smaller kids so its easier to poke the needle through without getting yourself. The needles get sticky but the end result is cute and they get to eat it! I might opt for a different gummy candy next time though to see it it would be easier like gummy bears or dots- something that doesn't have such a hard shell. I used regular thread for these but if you want to actually keep them and not eat them, I'd go with the jewelry stretchy string if that's technical enough for you!

Elder Dallin H. Oaks

Since he is lawyer and super smart we did Dot to Dots and Mazes.  The ones from Scriptures 4 Kids, the senior primary packet, had mazes that made my 7 year old stop and think for a second which is pretty hard to do so that was nice.

Elder Robert D. Hales

Find some fun conference activity pages including the one we did, Conference Coloring that is color by number or topic mentioned. The picture is of missionaries. 

Elder David A. Bednar

I was up late and didn't find one that exactly tied into Elder Bednar but wanted something great because so many of his talks have really helped me and meant a great deal to me. I decided to go with Leis! I cut out small pictures from past Friend magazines of things that would probably be talked about in conference (none of Deity though so we were still respectful). The pictures were things like a child being baptisms, the scriptures, temple pictures, a church building, doing service, etc. There are tons of pictures that you can use in the magazines. I punched a hole in the middle of all the pictures and put them in a bin. Then I cut up straws in smaller pieces to go between the pictures. I found my hole punch made holes that were bigger than the straws so something like Fruit Loops would have been great to keep the pictures in place without going over the straws. This activity was fun anyway though. My girls like making necklaces and it was fun for them to look at the pictures and see if they had heard that word in General Conference yet. I precut the yarn too then just tied it up for them when they were done.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Did you know he used to work in a grocery store? That means food necklaces for us! I bought chocolate covered pretzels, blueberry pretzels, regular pretzels, Cheerios, any gummy candy with a hole in the middle, and dried mangoes (I punch a hole in the them with a skewer). It was a great combinations because of the sweet but salty. I like this one because it kept them busy making the activity then busy eating it! 

Elder Quentin L. Cook

He played an important role in developing the Preach My Gospel so we did a missionary craft from the Friend found here.

Elder Neil L. Andersen

He grew up on a farm so I found a Hidden Picture from the Friend of missionaries sharing the gospel with someone in the fields. I also gave them a Hidden Picture of King Benjamin on the Tower since its General Conference. You can find activities from the Friend by topic here.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson

He participated in the Hill Cumorah pageant with his brother once so I just brought out the Book of Mormon Shoots and Ladder game. My kids are up to doing strictly by the rules yet so we just place by color, not words. The nice thing with conference being on the computer these days is that you can pause it whenever you want.  I explained why we did each activity for that particular person when there was a reason plus we read something about that person each time too. Then we hung our apostle picture card up so we were able to see how many we had listened to already. The deal was in order to do the activity, you had to listen to the talk and write/draw something they said. Then when it was over, you could show us (if we didn't already help) and get the activity to do. This way, I was able to put more emphasis on the importance of listening and note taking without taking away the fun activities that we do. I find my kids still pick up on a lot when they are doing the activity and it lets me listen to more speakers. I love finding out what they pick up on.

I made these little note card books for note keeping. For FHE we are going to go back over them then hang up the activities and notes in our bathroom downstairs so we are constantly reminded of the words of the prophets. I love General Conference and it was really nice to be able to hear so much of it this time around (especially since I have to teach on it next week!).

Looking for more ideas? Check out my General Conference Pinterest Board!

P.S. I made these cute little handouts for the Beehives that I teach (The card says, "Happy General Conference! Please write 7Up lifting things you learned from conference and bring them to class next week- I number the cards after that). We are supposed to teach on General Conference the next week but since I'm new I wanted to get a feeling for what they connect with so I left them 7 note cards to take notes on and bring to class the following week. It was a hit. (For more ideas check out my Pinterest boards).