More General Conference Ideas

One of the newer activities that I have tried out during General Conference is by creating pictures for my children to finish.  There are two different ways I do this:

Finish the Picture

Got old magazines?  Even better if you have old church magazines that you aren't going to use anymore. Go through your magazines looking for pictures that you can cut apart and challenge your children to finish.  Sometimes you can find parts of pictures already and cut those out and sometimes you can take apart a big picture to create 3 or 4 new ones.  I love using the Friend because I can sneak in some lessons that I want to reinforce to my children- I know they will read it because they want to figure out how to draw the picture.  I hand these out with markers or crayons either when a particular person speaks or when I can see the ants in their pants getting the best of them.

While my littlest ones didn't really know what to do with them, they still had fun scribbling all over the pages. My oldest ones, however, really enjoyed the challenge. We did this with animal pictures at my daughter's art party as a game and they loved it!

Make a Poster from the Quote

Write a quote on a blank piece of paper and have them draw a picture to go with it- kind of like making your own Mormon Ads.  I ended up doing this with a Young Women's lesson the other month and it worked wonders (I gave them parts of an article though and let them come up with their own quotes).  My kids like doing this kind of thing already too but I don't do it often so its more fun at General Conference time.  Using quotes from the last General Conference works great and stays on theme.  

Reasons why I like these activities so much:

  • Very little prep time for me
  • Stays on theme
  • Drawing helps them listen better
  • As they listen and draw- I actually get to listen!
  • Opportunity for more conversation after the session when they show you their work

What things do you like to do during General Conference to keep your smaller ones engaged so you can actually listen?

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