"Build a Fortress of Spirituality and Protection" by Elder Ronald A. Rasband Discussion Questions

I love the imagery that Elder Ronald A. Rasband creates in his talk, "Build a Fortress of Spirituality and Protection." It makes me want to line the walls with butcher paper to make it look like a real fortress. Such a great message and discussion to be had!

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Thanks to LuAnn Flanagan for creating this questions! You are wonderful!

Questions to Ponder

  • Why do we need to ponder what was said in General Conference?  What benefits will we receive?

  • How has the Prophet, President Russell M. Nelson, been a guard on a watchtower for your family?

  • Why is it so important that our homes be a fortress against world we live in?

  • What are some benefits to our building the strongest fortress we can build?

  • What can we do daily to strengthen our personal fortresses?

  • Why is it so important that we stay on the covenant path?

  • What steps are you taking to invite the Holy Ghost in to your fortress regularly?

  • What steps can you take to strengthen your efforts in fighting the adversary?

  • Do you recognize when Satan has taken control of a part of your life? How do you recognize it? What do you do to correct it?

  • Why were the fortresses Moroni built so effective in protecting his people? Can we use the same principles Moroni used in building our fortress?

  • How can acting with obedience NOT questioning strengthen our fortress?

  • How does trusting the Lord help us to be stronger?

  • How does making and keeping sacred covenants help us deepen our faith?

  • How are you strengthening your personal testimony? Is it necessary to daily do something to strengthen our testimonies? Why?

  • Why is it so important for us to strengthen those who are suffering?