General Conference Sticky Notes

Are you ready for another amazing General Conference weekend? I love using my General Conference Note Pages but, confession, I usually don’t use them until after Conference is over. They help me go back through the notes I did take, organize my thoughts, and plan my actions. What I really need is something quick and easy to help me take notes in my regular spiritual notebook. Introducing General Conference Sticky Notes!


You will find many of the same printable themes for your notes as you would in my General Conference Note Pages except here you can print on sticky notes and add them to whatever journal you want to use.

General Conference Note Categories you’ll find:

  • All the prophets

  • Empty podium to draw the other speakers (you’ll want about 15 of these if you want to do all the speakers)

  • Themes

  • Music

  • Scriptures

  • Things you learn about Jesus Christ

  • Questions and Answers (a boy and girl version)

  • Go and Do (make your action items)

  • Temples Announced

  • Other Important Information (for additional changes or inspiration you receive but don’t know where else to put it)

Other ways you can use these General Conference Sticky Notes

  • Post them on your wall during General Conference weekend. Each time someone speaks, take it down. It’s a great visual reminder of how much of Conference is left (usually, the last speaker is an apostle).

  • Stick on them on the mirror and write a quote from Conference around it.

  • Plan out which talks you’ll be teaching these next six months. While you can teach any talk from General Conference if so prompted, it is recommended that you focus on the ones from the prophets. Use these to map out the next six months on your calendar.

  • Put them on your group’s backs for a fun game of Who Am I? They must ask Yes or No questions to figure out what name is on their back.

How will you use them?

Don’t stop there though! You can use these sticky notes with my new session pages. Hang them on your wall or lay them out on your table before General Conference and make your guesses. Which apostles will speak in which sessions. How many temples will be announced? Print yours now!