Everything You Could Possibly Need for General Conference Weekend

It's that time of year again! General Conference time! Are you ready for a power packed weekend full of the answers you need? Reflect back 6 months ago and remember the things that worked for you and your family and those that didn't go so well. Do you need a new busy activity, different snacks maybe, or a new journal because you filled yours up? Peruse this giant list for ways to improve upon your experience then head over to More Than a General Conference Packet for more ideas to keep the Spirit nearby all weekend long.


Preparing Before General Conference

Get ready up to a month before General Conference begins with these preparation ideas. You can pass off Personal Progress requirements, follow FHE plans, and countdown to the big weekend.

Notetaking Ideas

Do you need new ideas for taking notes at General Conference. Here are ideas to get your whole family involved. 


Activities for Conference

Everything from quiet games and coloring pages to activity packets, this section is packed with things you to help you and your family get the most out of General Conference. 

  • A General Conference Store is lots of fun. Get everything you need to make it happen including ways to earn the rewards at The Red Headed Hostess.

  • There are all kinds of great General Conference activities on LDS.org including Bingo, coloring pages, and note taking pages.

  • The Mormon Cartoonist always has a great packet too. Plus if you sign up for his newsletter you’ll get a free activity page every time. Score!

  • Maeser Art has some great free activity packets for General Conference sure to keep people busy.

  • General Conference Package from Green Jell-o with Carrot- This is really great for the smaller ones in your homes. It includes file folder games, coloring pages, and more.

  • LDS Apostles Bingo- Hang a board on your wall and fill it out throughout the weekend- mark off each person as they speak. When your family gets a Bingo, break out a special activity or treat.

  • General Conference Brick Game- Free printable from LDS Lane that allows you to collect Legos as different words are said then create something.

  • Fun Crayola Markers- If you're going to color, do it right and grab some fun markers to help you. I gave my girls these Crayola Glitter Markers when we went on our 2 week road trip and they definitely held their attention for a while (I love using them too). Have a serious colorer on your hands? Try Crayola's PowerLines Markers. They make it easy to go from thick to thin lines.

  • Color Like a Chicken Coloring Book- Tons of LDS coloring pages to help your little ones be quiet during the sessions. It also includes several activity pages for those more active hands. Discover more LDS coloring pages including some that are great for teens in LDS Coloring Pages You Need to Know About (and check out these free coloring pages based on President Eyring's last General Conference talks).


Other Ideas

What about the food! Here a few great snack and meal ideas. Plus one idea for what to do with your Conference Ensign.

Still need more ideas? There are even more ideas on my Pinterest LDS General Conference board! I shared my favorites here though.