Guess the Speaker General Conference Sheets

Combine my General Conference Sticky Notes with these General Conference sheets to play Guess the Speaker. It’s pure fun and another way to get excited for a great weekend. Don’t take it too seriously and you can have lots of fun.


Hang these sheets on your wall or lay them out on your table before General Conference and make your guesses about who will speak each session when it comes to the members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and the First Presidency.

Stick the apostle sticky notes on different session boxes. You can rearrange them as many times you want but once Conference starts, they must remain where they are. Score a point for every correct guess. There is even a sheet for guessing how many temples will be announced. You can write or draw the correct answers on the page after each session.


  • About three Apostles or members of the First Presidency speak each session.

  • However, in the Women’s or Priesthood Session, all the First Presidency will speak as well.

  • Usually, only one other Apostle speaks during the Priesthood Session so guess who that will be instead.

  • During the Women’s Session, it’s usually members from those organizations instead. Make your guesses from the Relief Society, Young Women, and Primary’s presidencies instead.

  • Other than those two sessions, no more than one member of the First Presidency will speak each session.

  • The Priesthood Session is always in April. The Women’s Session is always in October.

  • President Russell M. Nelson has been closing the sessions with remarks, however, it’s not his official main talk so don’t count that. Same if he does a quick intro.

Bonus! Two extra pages for more fun. One for you to draw yourself speaking at the pulpit (or someone else) and one to talk about how the Church leaders love and pray for us. You can put who is speaking in the middle of the heart or make your own drawing of one of your local leaders.


  • Review the themes of each session. It’s a good way to review right after the session as a family.

  • Countdown to the end- Stick the Apostle notes on the sessions. Once you use them all up, your family will know that Conference will be over soon.

  • Draw something you see in each session.

  • Take short and sweet notes .