LDS Quotes from the General Women's Session of Conference April 2016

The April 2016 General Women's Session of Conference was full of goodness! Didn't you love the overall theme of service and loving one another? The whole session reminded us to love a little more, reach out more often, and think more of others than ourselves. I loved the analogy of talking to a mirror or through a window. How do we speak to one another? Let's commit to follow our leaders and serve one another. Be aware to not run faster than you are able but do serve. We can all serve in some way every day. Sister Cheryl A. Esplin put it beautifully when she said, 

It doesn't take much to show a little kindness but it makes a world of difference! One person choosing to smile and help instead of judge makes the world a better place. At the Women's Session, a new program was introduced called, "I was a Stranger" to help  provide direction and encouragement to serve those around us including the refugees. Find out more about the "I was a Stranger" program here. Trust Me, I'm a Mom also has a great list of ideas to help you get started (I love her purse idea). You can read the whole session (be sure to watch the video presentation too) or grab one of the quotes below and share them with your friends. These quotes also go great with Howard W. Hunter Chapter 7: Continuous Revelation from Living Prophets.