Questions to Ponder for "Prepared to Obtain Every Needful Thing" by Elder David A. Bednar

Didn’t you love the encouragement to discuss the temples more often in our homes included in “Prepared to Obtain Every Needful Thing” by Elder David A. Bednar. Keep scrolling for questions you can use as you study and discuss this great talk.

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Thanks to the volunteers who made these questions possible! You are amazing!

Questions to Ponder

  • Why do you feel our leaders are getting more and more direct about us needing to take personal responsibility for our own learning and testimonies?

  • Elder Bednar tells us that we have an individual responsibility to learn and live the Lord’s teachings. How do we do that?

  • Have you learned for yourself like Joseph Smith? How? What helps you continue the process and not simply check it off as a one and one thing?

  • Why is it not enough anymore to just come to church on Sundays? Was it ever enough?

  • Bednar tells us that “We cannot rely exclusively upon or borrow gospel light and knowledge from other people-even those whom we love and trust.” We must find out and know for ourselves. How do we do this? Is it too late if we haven’t already done it? How do we help our children with this?

  • The home is now the ultimate missionary training center, family history center, and temple preparation classes. Does that excite you or is it overwhelming? How can we work on home-centered learning without feeling it’s just another thing on our to do list?

  • How can we make our homes sanctuaries of faith and learning?

  • How does the new temple website help you teach your children? Do any of the resources on their surprise you?

  • How do you feel with having the guidelines of what we can and can’t talk about concerning the temple made clearer? Does that help you to feel comfortable teaching temple truths to your children?

  • Elder Bednar promises that we can do this, with some attached blessing. Does this inspire you to do more and try harder?

  • What are some things we can do (or continue doing) in our homes to create more gospel discussion? (physical and spiritual)

  • What are some of your fears about having gospel discussion in the home? How can we conquer those fears?

  • What might we be able to do if there are others in our home not open to gospel discussion? How can we continue to study in face of opposition?

  • What can you do to help your children discuss gospel principles and truly understand the concepts we will be learning about?

  • How might people with really young children still include them in their gospel discussions?

  • What can we do to help those without a support system to have gospel discussions throughout the week?

  • Why is it important to you to have a home-centered and church supported gospel study How can we make our homes a source of spiritual strength and increased faith?

  • What are some the stumbling blocks that keep us from being consistent in our gospel study?

  • How might we want to begin to remodel our homes so it’s a place where gospel study may flourish?

  • What things help you and your family remain consistent in gospel study?

  • What things might help when we feel frustrated in our efforts to be consistent?

  • What can we do to be consistent in gospel study even when those around us may seem to be against it?

  • What helps you continue on even when you feel like your efforts don’t make a difference?

  • Who can help you when you are struggling with your personal or family gospel study?

  • Why do we need to study and learn at home rather than depend on the Church as our primary teachers? What example do we have in the Book of Mormon and in the life of Joseph Smith of the great value and blessings that come from developing our own understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

  • Elder Bednar stated that we have a personal responsibility for learning what we should do, living as we should, and becoming what He wants us to be. What are important ways that we can fulfill these responsibilities in our everyday lives at home? What are resources that the Church provides to support us in our efforts?

  • What are specific things we can do to make our homes strong sanctuaries where we can take up our responsibility to learn for ourselves and support our family’s learning?

  • How might we assist our families in inviting the Holy Spirit into our homes and our studies?

  • How might we best make our homes sanctuaries of learning if we live alone? What resources could we seek if we have difficulty beginning this new pattern of learning?

  • What encouragement did Elder Bednar give us to support our efforts?

  • How might we work with family members who refuse to participate in

  • faith-building family routines, are hostile to the Church and its teachings, or disrupt the studying and learning of others? Where could we look for resources?

  • Home study and family teaching about temples can seem difficult and confusing. Where can we find Church resources that support our efforts to teach our families about temples respectfully and appropriately?

  • What are some of examples of things we can discuss about temples, and what key principle can we follow to guide our decisions about discussing temples?

  • While learning for ourselves and learning at home is important, in what ways can we seek and use the support of the Church as we work toward strong testimonies and fulfillment of our Heavenly Father’s plan for His children?

  • When we are told that we must become more like our Heavenly Father, what does that mean in our everyday lives, and how can we work toward this goal? What are the “needful things’ that we must obtain?