Questions to Ponder for "Preparing for the Lord's Return" by Elder D. Todd Christofferson

In “Preparing for the Lord’s Return” by Elder D. Todd Christofferson we learn that we are to do all we can to relieve pain and suffering now while preparing for the day when there will be no more suffering. Get some questions to ponder to further your personal study or fuel your discussions in Relief Society or Elders Quorum.

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Thanks to the volunteers who created questions for this talk! You are appreciated!

Questions to Ponder

  • What did you learn about the second coming that you didn’t know before?

  • How did this talk help you look forward to the second coming?

  • Why is it important to prepare the world for the second coming of the Lord, Jesus Christ?

  • What was the most exciting thing to you that Elder Christofferson mentioned will be different during the Millennium?

  • What can we do now to prepare for the Second Coming of the Savior?

  • Why is building up Zion our “greatest object”?

  • How do we build up Zion in our homes, wards and stakes?

  • What are some of the difficulties of “building up Zion”? How do we overcome those difficulties?

  • Who are the covenant people? Why is it important to gather Israel?

  • What can you do personally to help the work for your ancestors?

  • I loved the quote by Dr. N. T. Wright. How do you feel about the irony of Jesus undergoing “unjust judgement?”

  • What prophetic warnings preceded the Lord’s first coming?

  • What can we do to relieve suffering and sorrow now?

  • What does it mean to “devote ourselves more diligently to the preparations” for Christ’s reign?

  • Who is someone you can’t wait to see be made whole? Who is someone you can’t wait to see alive with body and spirit reunited?

  • What feelings do you have for Jesus as you ponder the reality of resurrection for those you know and love?

  • How does gathering the Lord’s covenant people prepare us for His coming?

  • How do we redeem the promise of salvation to our ancestors?

  • How can we be more valiant in redeeming the dead?

  • What does it mean to you to be pure in heart?

  • How can our wards and branches be of one mind and one heart?

  • How are the stakes a defense and a refuge from the storm?

  • How does the spirit of the law consecration encourage charity?

  • When we meet together, why is it important to speak one with another?

  • What can we do to make the Sabbath a delight?

  • How does daily feasting on the gospel serve to protect our families?

  • What can we do to know the Lord?

  • How can we more effectively gather the elect?