Questions to Ponder for "Your Priesthood Playbook" by Elder Gary E. Stevenson

If your class loves sports then “Your Priesthood Playbook” by Elder Gary E. Stevenson is a great one to discuss but don’t dismiss it if they don’t. There are all sorts of great things to consider in this talk.

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Thanks to Janet K. Cook for these wonderful questions!

Questions to Ponder

  • Have you been on a sports team that has a playbook? Why would the coach do this instead of just telling you what to do each time a situation comes up?

  • For those who aren’t sports participants, what about when you started your job? Did your company have a new employee orientation and does it have organizational rules and guidelines? Again, why bother to do that instead of just telling you what to do each time a situation comes up?

  • Same thing when the company or organization wants to change directions or start a new program, there’s usually a period of professional development. Why is it important to make sure everyone’s on the same page?

  • What “teams” are you on in the church?

  • What do you need to do to strengthen your team? How do your callings and positions in your school/work/home help/hinder your participation in this team?

  • Who are your team leaders? Of which teams are you a leader? What are your roles in each position? How do you help each other to learn and follow the right plays?

  • How would having a personal playbook help you as you go through life?

  • Elder Stevenson listed some great ideas. What do you think of their suggestions? How can you make them more specific to your current situation?

  • What other “plays” should be considered?

  • What do you think he mean by “offensive and defensive moves”?

  • What other things can you do to have the right offensive moves? What counsel in the For the Strength of Youth booklet might be useful?

  • Who can you call on for help when you're not up to your planned offensive moves?

  • Considering defensive moves, what kind of planning should you do to avoid problems and make sure you stay in safe situations to avoid problems?

  • What plays should you have in case unexpected situations arise? Possibilities include:

    • A date who makes an unexpected turn on the ride home

    • A boss/co-worker who makes a pass at work or someone else in another place

    • A party where things served aren’t what you expected

    • A person who gets unexpectedly belligerent

    • A friend of the opposite sex who needs help at home, a ride somewhere, wants to discuss something privately