"Women and Gospel Learning in the Home" by President Henry B. Eyring Discussion Ideas

“Women and Gospel Learning in the Home” by President Henry B. Eyring certainly drove home the role that women are expected to play in this new home centered gospel curriculum. I really liked the tips he gave us for being prepared and able to do our duty. What about you?


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints suggests the following for this talk:

“Scripture passages and quotations from “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” that President Eyring uses in his message provide insights about the importance of women’s influence in the home. Members could work together to find these passages and quotations and discuss what they learn. What invitations does President Eyring extend? What promises does he make? Consider how singing or reading a hymn about the home, such as “Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth” (Hymns, no. 298), could enhance the discussion.”

Questions to Ponder

  • In what ways does the increased emphasis on a home centered church make “faithful sisters a primary force to help the Lord pour out knowledge of His Saints?” How have you seen sisters do this already? How can sisters continue to do this? How can you support sisters in doing this?

  • Why do you feel that daughters of God are given this primary responsibility of teaching the gospel in the home?

  • How have you been blessed by a mother or other sisters teaching and nurturing you?

  • Even though women have the primary responsibility of nourishing, how are the brethren an equal partner in this? How can the brethren help nourish? What is their role?

  • What are some other scripture or Church history stories of righteous women using their nurturing gifts?

  • What role does charity play in your life? How have you seen charity allow you to do more than you have done before?

  • What can we do to further develop and practice charity daily?

  • Who needs you?

  • What helps you continue on the path when your progress seems to be slow? What helps you to endure?

  • How have you seen your power to nurture grow as you have been obedient?

  • What things might we want to pray about as nurturing mothers and fathers? (including those without children or children in the home)

  • How can you use your scripture study to improve your nurturing ability?

  • What scripture stories bring you strength and comfort?

  • How is the Savior your perfect example of how to play your major part in gospel learning in the home and family?

  • What things have you been prompted to start doing in response to this greater responsibility to teach the gospel in the home? How have you seen others prepare?

  • How do you make room for pondering and meditating upon gospel topics?

Discussion Ideas

These are my ideas. My hope is reading my thoughts will be a springboard to finding the right plans for your class.

  • Did you notice how this talk started out? President Eyring references the continual pouring out of knowledge and the accelerating of that eternal truth coming! President Russell M. Nelson just reiterated that statement when he went to dedicate the Concepción Chile Temple. He stated, “We're witnesses to a process of restoration. If you think the Church has been fully restored, you're just seeing the beginning. There is much more to come. … Wait till next year. And then the next year. Eat your vitamin pills. Get your rest. It's going to be exciting.” Discuss some of the recent pouring of knowledge and how we can prepare ourselves for the continual revelation to come. You can show this example by having an empty cup on the table and pitcher of water. Start by asking people to tell you about the restoration of the Church beginning with Joseph Smith, each time pouring a little more water into the cup. Once the cup is mostly full, show your class how much water is still left in the pitcher. The Lord has more for us too. Are we facing our cups upwards so we can be filled with the knowledge or did we turn our cups upside down?

  • Read The Family: A Proclamation to the World again (either all or parts of it) while asking your class to focus on all the recent changes of this past year: ministering, increased temple building, one united Elders Quorum, a home-based church, etc. What new things do you see this time around when you read it? How can we continue to follow the direction in the proclamation. (Note: this is also a great time to discuss why we should continually read our scriptures. As we gain more experience, we can discover and see things in a new way).

  • Discuss how the Relief Society chose the motto, “Charity Never Faileth” (see Daughters in My Kingdom: The History and Work of Relief Society Chapter 5). Then break into groups to discuss the different scriptural and church history examples of women choosing to use their nurturing gift.

  • Point out how President Eyring told us that no matter what part of life we are in, we are a key part “of the family of God and of your own family, whether in the future, in this world, or in the spirit world.” Ask others ahead of time to share a story of when someone in a different time of life then their own really helped nourish and strengthen them.

  • Before you teach, get the conversation and pondering going with these scripture quotes from President Eyring’s talk. Include a question or two with each one you share. Please note: The download is a zip file. You must unzip it before opening or you will get an error message.

  • President Eyring stated that, “Your practical challenge is to know whom to nurture, how, and when. You need the Lord’s help. He knows others’ hearts, and He knows when they are ready to accept your nurturing. Your prayer of faith will be your key to success. You can depend upon receiving His guidance.” How then can we improve our prayers? What things can we do so we are listening and recognizing answers and inspiration as such? When have you experienced this type of guidance? What other things did he mention as being critical to fulfilling our duties?

  • Serious scripture study must also be apart of our growing power to nurture. How are we studying the scriptures now? How do you feel like you could be doing better? What holds you back from doing it? What keeps you going when you struggle with scripture study? What experiences have you had when your scripture study has helped you know who and how to help another?

  • Discuss how President Eyring told us how the Savior can be our personal perfect example of how to play our parts as we place greater emphasis on the gospel learning. How is this true for the 8 year old? How is this true for the 16 year old? the young mom, the grandpa, etc.?