Be a Missionary Online

You may have noticed something neat trending this week: #DiscovertheBook. Its a campaign run by online LDS missionaries to share testimonies about the Book of Mormon. This campaign is taking place over 4 weeks. Every Tuesday there is a new suggested topic and way to share your testimony about the Book of Mormon. If you missed the first one, don't worry- you can still do it this week. Picking one day in particular, however, helps more people discover these posts. 

#DiscovertheBook and see how it can change your life

You can join the Missionary Run Facebook Group to stay in the loop, share other's posts, and share stories that have occurred because of it. Its pretty awesome! 

Here are the Events and Topics for the 4 weeks:

Event #1- #DiscovertheBook (June 10)
Tell how you first discovered the Book of Mormon.

Event #2- #SearchtheBook (June 17)
Share a powerful experience you've had reading the Book of Mormon

Event #3- #LivetheBook (June 24)
Explain how the Book of Mormon influences the way you live.

Event #4- #SharetheBook (July 1)
Invite your friends to learn more about the Book of Mormon and specifically invite someone to be taught about the Book of Mormon by missionaries online or in person!

You can follow along with me as reminder too- I'll be posting about it on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.