12 Days of "The Living Christ"

In April 2017, President Russell M. Nelson and Elder M. Russell Ballard encouraged us to study "The Living Christ" as way to further come to know the Savior. In General Conference October 2017, we were encouraged again to study and even memorize it. Are your ready to accept the challenge? 


If you look at "The Living Christ" it can easily be divided up into about 12 sections- perfect for a little 12 Days of Christmas challenge! Memorize one section a day then recite the whole thing on Christmas. What a great way to focus on the mission of Jesus Christ and the purpose of celebrating Christmas! 

The best part? I've made it easy for you to put together. I've already divided up "The Living Christ" for you on cards that you can insert into festive envelopes and string along your fireplace or wall as an advent calendar. I even included 20 tips to help you memorize the whole thing! 

Not up for cutting and assembling 12 envelopes? Grab some festive envelopes instead and write the numbers on the front. You can just print out my cards and insert them. Or you can ditch the envelopes all together and turn the cards into a flipbook instead. 

Print a set and give it to your Visiting Teachees or challenge your entire family to memorize "The Living Christ" with you. And remember, as you study each section, record your impressions! Here are a few more great resources to help you and your family in studying "The Living Christ":