Lesson 35: Temples and Eternal Families


The purpose of Primary 3 Lesson 35: Temples and Eternal Families is to understand that families can be together forever. 

Teaching Thoughts

The following are links to LDS.org resources unless otherwise stated.

Teacher Study

Study this 2 1/2 week study of the Temple before you teach.

"The Eternal Family" by Elder Robert D. Hales

"Sacred Homes, Sacred Temples" by Elder Gary E. Stevenson


"I Love to See the Temple"- Children's Songbook pg. 95

"Families Can Be Together Forever"- Children's Songbook pg. 188

"Truth from Elijah"- Children's Songbook pg. 90

"A Happy Family"- Children's Songbook pg. 198


I'm Going There Someday-  For Little Friends (about 2 minutes)



My Primary 3 Lesson 35 handout packet includes

  • Temple coloring page
  • Family chain strips to go with Enrichment Activity 1

Activity Ideas

Building a Temple- Glue these pieces together to make a temple

Evelyn's Temple Testimony- Story with a Hidden picture 

Temple Hidden Picture- Hidden pictures

Preparing for the Temple- A hidden picture activity but you could use it as a visual to talk about how we prepare or how families are forever

My Family Can Be Forever- As you talk about different points, have a child hang the ornament on a branch

Temples in All Times- Make this temple mobile and draw or glue a picture of your temple in the middle (see the Temple Gallery on LDS.org here)

The Temple is a Happy Place- Color than make this mobile that talks about why we have temples. You could just glue the pieces together instead.

Together Forever- Make this 3D model as a visual for your lesson

Spot the Differences- Spot the differences 

Temple Cards- Give one to every child to take home. There are 15 sets of these: December 2011September 2007April 2005January 2002, February 2002, March 2002April 2002May 2002June 2002July 2002August 2002September 2002October 2002, November 2002December 2002.

The Temple- I'm Going There Someday- Board game. Use the board then make up your own way to play it that is right for your class- show pictures of temples and have them point to different things, answer simple questions from the manual, etc.

The Temple Is a House of God- Which family is ready to go to the temple and why

You Are Never Lost When You Can See the Temple- Bright Idea poster

40 Years in the Making- Mormonad

Look Ahead- Mormonad

Peace on Earth- Mormonad

Set Your Sights- Mormonad

Coloring Pages

A Special Day (framed Temple picture)

Salt Lake Temple (top of the temple with a dot to dot but could color)

Temple Blessings Unite Families (family in front of temple)

The Temple is a Blessing for Me and My Family (4 squares with a person and temple to color- last square to draw self or you could glue a picture of your local temple inside- see the Temple Gallery on LDS.org here)

I Can Prepare to Be Worthy to Go to the Temple (children in front of a temple)