Lesson 38: Brigham Young Leads the Church


Remember as you are teaching Primary 5 Lesson 38: Brigham Young Leads the Church, the overall purpose is to understand that the living prophet is called by God.

Teaching Thoughts

The following links are to LDS.org resources unless otherwise stated.

Teacher Study

"Prophets- Pioneer and Modern Day" by Elder Earl C. Tingey

"Live According to the Words of the Prophets" by Sister Carol F. McConkie


A New Leader for the Church (about 1 1 /2 minutes)- An illustrated Doctrine and Covenants video about church leadership after Joseph Smith died.

When I Hear the Prophet's Voice (about 1 minute)- A sing-along music video 

We Need Living Prophets (about 3 minutes)- Members of the church talk about the blessings that come from a living prophet.

Why Do We Have Prophets? (1 1/2 minutes)- A brief description in an animated video about the need for prophets.


My Primary 5 Lesson 38 Handout Packet includes

  • Covered Wagon- use it as is or staple two together to make a pocket
  • 9 Item cards to put in the wagon plus 3 blank ones. This goes with Enrichment Activity 2

Activity Ideas

Brigham Young- Color the puzzle pieces of Brigham Young and then put the puzzle together.

President Brigham Young Crossword- A crossword puzzle about Brigham Young.

Conference Messages- Follow the path of letters in a maze to see who speaks to us at General Conference.

Follow the Prophet- Find the hidden objects in this picture of President Monson greeting children at General Conference.

Follow the Prophet Maze- Follow instructions from prophets to make it through a maze.

Guess Who- Match pictures of present-day apostles and the prophet to pictures of them as children.

Prophets-Called of God for Us- Pictures of prophets to color with descriptions of their lives.

Sharing Time: Blessings Come When we Follow the Prophet- Match pictures of prophets to their teachings.

Sharing Time: The Prophets' Examples- Play a memory game matching pictures of latter-day prophets to descriptions about their lives.

God Speaks Through Prophets- Look up scriptures about several prophets to learn more about them.

Sharing Time: God Tells His Prophets- Make a mobile of things Heavenly Father has taught us through prophets.

Sharing Time: Listen to a  Prophet's Voice- Color pictures of things we can do to follow the prophet and make a paper viewer.

Sharing Time: Obedience Brings Blessings- Color pictures of children following the prophet and write how you can follow the prophet.

Sharing Time: The Prophet Speaks for Heavenly Father- Make a mobile of things Heavenly Father has asked us to do.

Truth Revealed- A word puzzle about following the prophet.

Words of the Prophet- Decode a message from President Monson about temples.

Coloring Pages

I Will Follow the Prophet

Prophets Speak for Heavenly Father

Prophets Teach me How to Strengthen My Family

We Listen to Our Prophet Today