The Good Shepherd


Primary 7 Lesson 23: The Good Shepherd primary purpose is to learn to trust Jesus because He is our Good Shepherd.

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The following are resources unless otherwise stated.

Teacher Study

"Know the Shepherd" by Brother Robert E. Wells

"Responsibilities of Shepherds" by President James E. Faust


The Good Shepherd and Other Sheep I Have (about 3 1/2 minutes) - Bible Video

Jesus Declares the Parable of the Lost Sheep (about 2 1/2 minutes) -Bible Video

The Good Shepherd (about 2 minutes)- An excerpt from President Ezra Taft Benson explaining the duties of shepherds versus hireling.

The Good Shepherd- (about 5 minutes) Elder M. Russell Ballard teaches about the parable of the Good Shepherd with some seminary students. 

Good Shepherd- (about 3 minutes) Elder John R. Lasater shares a story about a shepherd he watched in Morocco.

The Good Shepherd- (about 1 minute) Illustrated scripture story 

The Primary 7 Lesson 23 handout packet includes

  • The first 3 article of Faith posters
  • Poster John 10:11 
  • Worksheet to understand ways Jesus has showed and still shows love for us

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Lesson Ideas

Good Shepherd Game- A couple of different games to play with sheep cards.

Lost Sheep- Color in the sheep to find a secret message

The Good Shepherd- Decode the messgae

I'll Follow Him in Faith- Poster of Jesus holding a Lamb

The Good Shepherd- Scripture figures to go with the parable of the Good Shepherd

An Invitation- Poster of the Savior with a young boy

Article of Faith 3- Coloring activity

The Atonement- (scroll down) Fill in the blanks scriptures to discover the answer

Following the Savior's Path- Order the events of Christ's life and discuss how to follow Him (also words from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf)

Jesus Christ Is My Savior- Discover the blessings from Heavenly Father as you put the fruit on the tree

Jesus Christ Is My Savior and Redeemer- Puzzle

Jesus Christ's Atonement Is the Greatest Gift of Love- Wordsearch and crossword puzzle

Repentance and the Atonement- Booklet to remind us how to follow Christ's example

Promised Blessings- Fill the blanks to discover the answer

Article of Faith 1- Several activities to complete relating to the 1st Article of Faith

Article of Faith 2- Crossword

First Article of Faith Coded Message- Decode

Coloring Pages

Jesus Teaches the Parable of the Lost Sheep

I Show My Faith in Jesus Christ When I Share the Gospel with Others

I Have Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (children gathered around Jesus)

Jesus Blesses the Little Children

Jesus Christ Blesses the Little Children

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