A Study on the Temple

I'm so excited to introduce to you our Study on Temples. This is an 18 day study beginning on the history of temples through your temple attendance today.


In this study you'll find:

  • Daily reading, music, and video 
  • 18 Poster quotes
  • Questions to help you ponder and gain greater understanding
  • Additional resource list

Topics included in this study are temples in Biblical and Book of Mormon times, the early latter-day temples, your personal temple preparation, understanding symbolism, and more. This study isn't meant as preparation to attend the temple but rather a way to expand your thinking after you have attended. However, in addition to other preparation, it can be enlightening to those preparing to go their first time. 

I've been anxious to get back to the temple since I started preparing this study. With new insights and questions to ponder, the temple took on new meaning for me. I hope this study helps you on your quest to make the temple a symbol in your life.

This scripture study is no longer available. Please email me if you really need it.