April 2016 LDS General Conference Quote Book

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President Thomas S. Monson has often counseled us to make General Conference apart of our lives for the next 6 months until we meet again. He stated at the end of one General Conference,

"May we all ponder the truths we have heard, and may they help us to become even more valiant disciples."

Each General Conference there are a million quotes made but what do you with them? How do you transform words on a page into something you internalize? You can read them as you scroll through your social media or do something more.

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Make the quotes a bigger part of your day by doing some of the following:    

  • Hang them on your mirror to ponderize each week.
  • Turn them into magnets for your fridge- grab some mod podge and adhere to some old magnets.
  • Punch a hole in the tops and make into a flipbook- laminate each quote so they'll last longer. Throw it in your purse or the car and read them when you have an extra minute. 
  • Pass along cards- Write a personal note on the back and give them out to friends.
  • Make a Wall of General Conference- Put that empty wall in your house to good use. 
  • Use one quote a week for your FHE lessons- Quick and easy lessons.
  • Memorize all 41 quotes before the next General Conference.
  • Take these to camp and write notes of encouragement on the back.
  • Make them into a coffee table book- You can easily switch out the quotes each conference if you use a square photo album.
  • Print them on post-its and put them all over your house so you are never lacking for inspiration. Use white post-its to keep the original colors.

Making General Conference a part of your life just got a little easier. 

Your Turn- How are you going to use these quotes?