Becoming the Ultimate Member Missionary

Have you been wanting to share the gospel with others but just didn't know how to start? Do you know how to start a gospel conversation but don't know where to go from there? Become a better Member Missionary as we study Preach My Gospel together. I love the way President Harold B. Lee defined missionary work:

"Missionary work is but home teaching to those who are not now members of the Church, and home teaching is nothing more or less than missionary work to Church members." 

When we look as missionary work as doing our duty it becomes more natural. When we realize that this work is really a labor of love, it becomes part of who we are.

Join us as we study Preach My Gospel and learn more fully the word so that we may share it. The Preach My Gospel Study includes:

  • Hymns to set the mood
  • Daily reading assignment in Preach My Gospel
  • Short videos to watch
  • Quotes to share
  • Journals to enhance your study
  • Daily discussion in our Premium Members Facebook Group
  • Calendar format so you can put it on your phone and set a daily alarm to remember
  • Printable schedule

Plan for at least 30 minutes everyday as we study. The reading assignments may not take that long but as you really study the book and complete the journal assignments you will find you need at least that much time. As we go throughout this study, our own testimonies will be strengthen and thus our desire to share the gospel. We will also learn and practice ways to answer questions that we may be asked and ways to incorporate gospel sharing in daily conversation. The Premium Members Facebook Group will be vital in practicing phrases and figuring out the right answers to questions from others. Be sure to jump in the discussions daily. The end goal for our study: making you the Ultimate Member Missionary.

This scripture study is no longer available. Please email me if you really need it.