Ponderize November

Don't waste November trying to pick the perfect scripture to ponderize! If you are having problems picking just the right one or even knowing where to start, I've got you covered. Each month, I make simple scripture posters so all you have to do is print them out and you're set for the entire month! Last month's scriptures focused on the Holy Ghost. This month, the scriptures all focus around gratitude. 

Click the image to print

You'll find the following scriptures to print in the November Ponderize packet: Alma 37:37; D&C 78:19; D&C 98:1; D&C 136:28. These are full sheet posters so it's easy to see; however, you can usually adjust your printer settings to print it half or quarter sheet if you need it smaller. 

Remember to print off your free Ponderize Journal so you can get the most out of your challenge each week. Looking for more scriptures about being thankful? Come join our free 2 Weeks of Thanksgiving Study!

Your Turn- What's your verse?