Understanding What It Means to Be a LDS Member Missionary

Have you been wanting to share the gospel with others but don't know where to start? Do you know how to start a gospel conversation but don't know where to go from there? This study is for you! Decide now to become a better Member Missionary through studying Preach My Gospel. President Ezra Taft Benson stated:

We have it! AND people want it! Get over your fears, learn some new techniques, and start sharing the gospel! In this 140+ page eBook Study Journal, you'll stretch and grow into a stronger Member Missionary. 

Because this eBook is intended for the member missionary, it skips over sections such as "Learning the Language." You will download over 40 poster quotes to help remind you of your great work. These are also great to send to your full time missionary. Study Preach My Gospel together! You will also find a recommended study schedule with additional resources to help you get even more out of your study. Each study chapter includes questions as you go throughout the chapter, remember points at the end of the chapter, challenges to help you stretch further, plus additional application and study activities. It's packed full of goodness! You do not need to own the Preach My Gospel manual to start this study. You can access the full Preach My Gospel manual online here as you go through this study. 

What are you waiting for!? Become the missionary you are meant to be! 

Please note that this isn't an official LDS study journal. It is simply a guide I made in my efforts to improve my own missionary work. 

This is now exclusively available through the free In-telligent app. Join now!

This scripture study is no longer available. Please email me if you really need it.

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