Read the New Testament this Year

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Do you want to read the entire New Testament this year? Here are several printable schedules to help you accomplish your goal! Each schedule includes a full page reading schedule and a half sheet if you want to keep it in your scriptures. To be clear when it says "Mark 14 to Luke 3" that means you read all the way through Luke 3 or if it says "to Luke 22:46" you read verse 46. It takes less space to write "to" than "through" which works better with the chart. 


There are also built in free days for each schedule since none of us are perfect. The numbered free days are at the end of the schedule so when you do use one, you can cross it off and still stay on schedule. I did not include all the JST translations in this schedule so those extra days may come in handy when some JST are extra long. 

Need a new pair of scriptures before you start reading? LDS Bookstore has several great choices including this regular quad.

Click the image with the schedule you want then select which pages you want to print (full sheet or half sheet)

Read it in 1 month

Read it in 6 months

Read it in a year

Your Turn- What's your scripture goal?