Taking a Deeper Look at the Hymns

Sorry, this is no longer available.

One of our groups in our Premium Scripture Study Groups is called "Hymns." Throughout the year (2-3 weeks at a time) we'll study different hymns based on different themes. In January we are taking a closer look at the hymns under the topic of Cheer and Comfort. 

Since this study is all about music, our opening music section is combined with our video. Each day you can study:

  • A video about the hymn, about the topic, or listening to the hymn
  • Read the hymn, the history if available, or an article about why hymns are so important
  • Quotes to print in two different sizes
  • Journal to collect your thoughts
  • Daily Private Facebook discussion 

Ready to study? Sorry, this study is no longer available, however, you can join my free scripture study group using the In-telligent app.