The Miracles of Jesus, An Easter Scripture Study

This Easter, open your eyes to miracles around you as you study the miracles of Jesus. Discover more in the scriptures as you begin with Christ's first miracle of turning water to wine through the miracle of Christ's Resurrection and more. 

"My husband and I loved using the Easter Journal from Chicken Scratch N Sniff.  As we read the scriptures, used the journal prompts, and followed the ideas it brought the spirit into our home and helped us stay grounded to the true reason for the holiday. It also helped us prepare better for General Conference this year and we look forward to doing it again next year!" -Rachael D.

In this 14 day scripture study, you'll find: 

  • Hymn to set the tone of the study
  • Reading Assignment based on the miracles Jesus performed
  • Video Link
  • Daily Journal Pages to help you ponder
  • Discussion Questions 
  • Advent chain
  • 8 quote posters

This scripture study is no longer available. Please email me if you really need it.