10 Ways to Use Music in Your LDS Lesson

Music can be such a powerful tool when teaching. It can bring in the Spirit on a whole new level as well as cement an idea in everyone's head. What are some ways you have used music in your lessons? 

Begin your lesson with a song

If you teach primary, you know the transitions from the previous meeting to your classroom isn't always a reverent one. Beginning with a song can help bring the Spirit back and create the right atmosphere for your lesson. Hand out these Super Singer badges to reward great singers. If you are in an adult class, be sure the hymns line up with your lesson. Try singing a Primary Song once in a while instead of a Hymn (notice the different reaction). 

Do a Solo

While this one can be intimidating, it is also one of the most powerful ways you'll see music used. When done right, it is beautiful and really brings the point home. Be prepared to shorten your solo, however, if you time becomes limited.

Bring in a Choir

Have you been in a lesson with a choir? There are all kinds of different choirs to use- a few of the sisters (get way to extend a hand of fellowship), children, some brethren. It is a beautiful way to pause during the lesson for some contemplation or to finish a lesson. One of my favorite choirs was when a Primary Class came to sing "I Love to See the Temple." The majority of the room was crying by the time they were done.

Special Musical Numbers

A familiar hymn performed instrumental can be just as powerful if not more as one with words. Harps can be beautiful, pianos, violins.  

Musical Chairs

This one is more for primary here but who am I to judge? Play appropriate music while the children are circling a group of chairs (slowly). Mark one chair with a star or something fun. The person who sits in that chair when the music stops has to either: Answer the Question, Read the Scripture, or Gets to Ask the Question. 

Music for Contemplation

Give a topic, ask couple of questions, or bear your testimony then play some music (see LDS.org's music library here). Have people write their thoughts or if in primary, draw a picture as the music plays. Ask some to share when the music is done.

Musical Slide Show

Find some pictures from the LDS Images Gallery and put them into a slideshow set to music. You can download music from LDS.org.

Learn the Words

As a class practice a song and try to memorize at least one verse. Memorized hymns come in handy! If it is a Primary Class, consider using a finger play or sign language as well. When you have it memorized, ask to perform it in sacrament meeting or even another classroom. 

Share a Story about the Song

Start your lesson talking about a hymn, why you like it, any personal story you have with it, or about how the hymn came to be. Putting songs in context and learning other stories can give a different dimension to a principle and a more familiar way to apply the principles being taught. 

Play Name that Hymn

Pick hymns that go with your lesson and see if anyone can name that hymn. Talk about the hymn a little after they guess it. Look up the scriptures that go up with each hymn. Don't have access to a music player? Write the words on the board with a few blanks. See if your class can fill in the blanks or guess the song off of what's left. 

Your Turn- Do you have a time that you used music in your lesson and it made all the difference? Share your story in the comments below.